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Frenken's mystics each attempted to achieve their desired transcendent knowledge, albeit through perverse methods resulting from their horrid childhoods -- they were merely attempting to create psychic homeostasis. I n dealing with the latest Ralph Frenken gift of clear psychohistorical research on the lives of medieval mystics, I am more struck by the possibilities of integrating Frenken's research into understanding the medieval gestalt as well as the latest in psychohistorical research [Editor's Note: See The Evolution of Childhood, Personality Structure and Superego in Germany - ]. I also want to expand Frenken's analyses of these mystics into a more global recognition by us and by earlier humans of purpose and vision and self. In a previous response to Frenken's research, 1 I wrote: What horror fills the diaries, journals, biographies and autobiographies we have found throughout history. The medieval world, in particular, inherited many of the worst features of previous civilizations that were only exacerbated by this persistently dysfunctional period. Would that we could simply declare that early childhood abandonment e.
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This book is an anthology of essays, poems and one play by Chattopadhyay culled over a decade of writing. It delves into popular culture, literature, language, society, cinema, spirituality and matters of faith. It presents an alternate view on contemporary life and customs seen through the prism of his personal experience. The essential spirit is one of enquiry, and it deliberately steers clear of dogma. The text makes pertinent observations based on experience, study and interpretation of phenomena but does not propound any absolute theory.
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The affable Smith plays Sadness, a blue-tinged sour puss who helps guide the prepubescent Riley through life along with her other dominant emotions: joy, fear, anger and disgust. That Smith would have a long-running TV career — and now a film career — is astounding to the year-old, who spent nearly 20 years working in casting before finding herself in front of the camera. When the year-old learns suddenly that her family is moving to San Francisco, Sadness starts taking over as Riley loses her friends, school and beloved hockey team in Minnesota. And not all of them are candy-coloured dreamworlds. As a result, the sweet-but-sullen Sadness gets a meaty story arc, which Smith says mirrored her own evolution as a first-time voiceover artist.
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