How do jellyfish have sex

With their gelatinous bodies, strandlike tentacles and other strange features, jellyfish appear to be very different from other types of animals. But are their mating behaviors also bizarre? There are almost 4, species of jellyfish , according to Cheryl Lewis Ames, a jellyfish researcher at the University of Maryland, College Park. Some of these species are considered jellyfish, despite never taking the "medusa" form free-swimming gelatinous body with tentacles often associated with jellies. The ones that do develop into medusae fall into one of three classes: scyphozoa, or "true jellyfish," which includes the moon jelly; hydrozoa, which includes the Portuguese man o' war; and cubozoa, also known as box jellyfish.
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How Do Box Jellyfish Reproduce | Box Jellyfish Life Cycle & Reproduction

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The six types of jellyfish found off the UK - and what to do if you're stung - Cornwall Live

Most Jellyfish are asexual, with some exceptions, because some are sexual and release huge amounts of sperm into the water which consummate with female Jellyfish's eggs which are released in huge amounts as well. Most Jellyfish have both female and male reproductive systems. Male Jellyfish don't really have a penis. First, the reproductive organs in the male the gonads develop in the lining of the gut. Second, the male releases sperm through its mouth column. Depends on the type of jellyfish. Two types of jelly fish the hydrozoa and the medusa forms.
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Animal Sex: How Jellyfish Do It

No wonder cubozoans or box jellyfish received little attention from biologists—in its reproductive biology at least. In the recent years scientists have learned about the box jellyfish life cycle but they were not successful as much in studying how do box jellyfish reproduce in their natural habitat and whether the reproduction involves sexual or asexual process. Studies have confirmed that cubozoans produce both sexually and asexually.
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The Scyphozoa or "true jellyfish" is a group class within the phylum Cnidaria. There are about species worldwide. Most Scyphozoans are free-swimming marine animals living in the open ocean, however some small species are planktonic, and a few species that are filter feeders, using the tentacles to strain plankton from the water live attached to the ocean floor. Many species live solitary lives others are found in shoals of hundreds to thousands of individuals stretching for dozens of kilometres. Other similar animals are classified in the Hydrozoa and Cubozoa, two other groups of cnidarians.
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