Why do men become transsexuals

A strange question but whatever Why do people become trans when they can do whatever they want even in their previous gender? I personally would prefer the social label gay rather than the transexual one However,what conditions would lead people to change their gender and their life so radically? I have to ask here have you ever just had that gut feeling?. I mean an inner feeling like maybe something was wrong,or mom or dad was going to catch you doing something.
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Why Are Some People Transgender?

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What's behind transsexual attraction? | arpb.info

Tweets Now Embedded in Posts. Why do think transsexual porn is so popular amongst strictly "hetero" men? Most Liked Posts. The fact that it is so popular amongst "hetero" men tells us sexual desire is far more complex than we can imagine.
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Shemale also known as she-male is a term to describe trans women or other people with male genitalia and female secondary sex characteristics , usually including breasts from breast augmentation or the use of hormones. The term shemale has been used since the midth century, when it was a humorous colloquialism for female , especially an aggressive woman. Using the term shemale for a trans woman may imply that she is working in the sex trade. The term is used by some psychologists to refer to male-to-female transsexual people who have transitioned to female, but have never undergone genital surgery.
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Because it makes them feel better about themselves and it draws a lot of attention:because you can see it from miles away. In your reference to females who are born with a penis: they are NOT men who become Transsexuals. Transsexuality is a congenital birth defect in which the anatomical sex of a person does not match the gender.
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