Painful burning on clitoris for months

Pain in any part of your vulva—the mons, outer or inner labia, the clitoris or vestibule, that cannot be attributed to any other cause, is called vulvodynia. This condition is also sometimes called vestibulodynia or vulvo-vestibular syndrome VVS. The area, degree, and type of pain can vary quite a bit, and while the cause can be impossible to discover, effective treatment is very possible. It's absolutely important to get care for this condition from a provider who is familiar with and experienced in treating vulvodynia. Vulvar pain can make any sort of sex difficult or impossible. Vulvar pain can come or go, last for a few hours or a few years.
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Painful vulva

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Is Sexual Intercourse Painful for You?

Sore, itchy, spotty or lumpy clitoris? Most clitoral concerns are not serious, but if something feels amiss it can still be alarming, especially given the lack of information available about this vital organ. The clitoris forms part of the female genitals at the anterior end of the vulva, and every woman's clitoris is different. There is a huge misconception around women's bodies and how they should look. With this in mind, it's important to get to know your own body intimately, so you will be aware when something is amiss. The most common clitoral health concerns include the following, as outlined by Soos:. For example, women who tend to use vibrators a lot can desensitise it.
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Is Sexual Intercourse Painful for You?

If you have recently noticed pain in the clitoris or even swelling in the area , you may have reached the conclusion you are suffering from Clitorodynia. This condition is known as a form of Vulvodynia, which is the sensation of chronic pain in the vulvar region in women. Clitorodynia is therefore known as the pain that is centered in the clitoris region and can be a symptom of other conditions or have different causes too.
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The obvious answer here is that no, burning in or around your vagina is not normal — meaning that it's not something a healthy person should experience. But, according to Dr. It's common, it's treatable, and though Dweck said most women get to know their bodies and can figure out what the cause of the burning may be on their own, if burning persists or causes any stress or anxiety you should see your doctor. All of this gets a bit complicated, so Dweck said the easiest way to tackle burning in the vagina is to break it down into five categories based on cause: Infection, external irritation, hormones, vulvodynia, and skin conditions on the vulva. But no matter the cause, here's all the info you need if you're dealing with burning in or around your vagina.
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