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Process Lasso Pro incl patch The Windows operating system, by default, allows you to load the central processor up to one hundred percent, so the system may simply freeze, the main work will be slowed down, in general there are a lot of inconveniences, sometimes I remember this, I could not solve the issue quickly. So if you decide to download Process Lasso from our site, then you should not have such problems, since the program will redistribute priorities between running applications, this is what allows you to achieve from the processes loaded the system by one hundred percent, the load drop to a minimum.
Process Lasso allows us to fully control running processes, as well as to distribute program resources, now it’s enough just to mark the priority processes and which programs will be responsible for them, there will be nothing superfluous, you are no longer afraid of any loads. There will be a list in front of you, in the same place you can mark the programs that will generally be blocked to run in the system, you can block all programs, put on automatic restart of applications, and so on.
Sometimes it happens that many copies of some programs are opened at once, this process can also be limited, you must select the maximum number of copies. Process Lasso has a mode for games, starting which all computer resources will be automatically switched to it, so you can get the most out of the toy, there should be no brakes, unless of course you have a weak car, and you start a fairly new toy. Among other things, Process Lasso has a statistics mode, you can view it at any time and know when which process was started and how many percent of the resources it consumed. The Process Lasso interface is as clear as possible, there are not very many settings, but everything that is there is as useful as possible.The only negative for those who are on a 64-bit system, there is simply no medicine for it, and the program does not allow installing 32 on 64, these are the problems users have until the issue is resolved.
Developer : Bitsum Technologies, Jeremy Collake
License : ShareWare
Language : English
Size : 5 MB
OS : Windows

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