Abelssoft Win10 PrivacyFix 2021 3.0.14 incl Patch

Abelssoft Win10 PrivacyFix incl Patch  is an interesting enough program to disable tracking functions in Windows 10, I’ll explain why now. We immediately draw attention to the developer, Abelssoft – as far as I remember, all their programs are paid, you should definitely look at the official website. I am leading this to the fact that this program is no exception, now in order to sleep peacefully, you need to pay 10 euros. Now the most interesting thing, you need to find out what it is, better than a huge number of free analogs? If someone does not remember them, then here is an article from our site ” Disabling tracking in Windows 10 is real! The best programs for this purpose .”
By going to the official website and reading, we learn that it can prevent the collection of personal data by Microsoft by blocking their servers and disabling any services. It can also make optimization of the explorer and background services, for example, it can turn off the constant microphone activity and send the pressed keys. With this program you can have complete control over the system and its security.
This is where the description ends, you won’t know anything else until you decide to download and watch the program. Agree, this is very little information, I have not yet touched less on it. Then we look, at the time of this writing, the page of this program is only in the German version of the site.
After launching, judging by the screenshot, we are waiting for a window divided into two areas, on the right you can observe the percentage of disabled options, on the left a list divided into categories, you need to navigate through it and turn off what you think is necessary. There are enough functions, it can be seen from the slider, how many more and how much better they are, judge for yourself whether it is worth paying for it or not, you decide. Apparently the Germans just do not know where to download free programs of this type, they must be sent to our project. Okay, I’m finishing this review, test the program, speak up.
Developer : abelssoft
License : ShareWare
Language : English + Deutsch
Size : 4 + 4 MB
OS : Windows 10
How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). That is all, Done & enjoy.Abelssoft Win10 PrivacyFix 2021 3.0.14 incl Patch [ta.arpb.info].zip
Note: use WinRAR crack to decompress the software if needed.

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