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AutoRun Pro Enterprise + keygen a powerful visual tool for creating startup menus and professional presentation CD / DVD presentations. You can create your own unique menu ofautorun, interactive presentations, multimedia applications and program settings.
This is the easiest way to create and edit such interfaces in the WYSIWYG environment (you get what you see) – click, move and view the result. Everything is simple and fast. Even if you have absolutely no programming experience, you can start creating your own “autoruns” in a matter of minutes. In addition, you can use wizards, templates, and demos to facilitate the process, which will be the starting point for creating yourAutoRun Pro Enterprise serial keyproject in minutes.
The final result can be compiled as a single executable file and burned to a CD or DVD directly using the built-in CD Burner, you can downloadAutoRun Pro Enterprise patchbelow.AutoRun Pro Enterprise + keygen
The best thing aboutAutoRun Pro Enterprise crackis that it was designed for the average user, someone who doesn’t want to spend time learning how to use sophisticated design tools, or hire a designer to do the job. The program allows you to create and edit the startup interface in the same way as you would create a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Just click the button, drag the desired object to the desired area and, in the preview, look at the desired result.
In just a few clicks, you can create a home page, splash screen, license agreement, protect the project, and add an unlimited number of additional pages and objects. Pages can be linked using transition effects and other effects. You can design pages by adding buttons, images, plain text, links, and many other objects, and associate each of them with actions so that end users can view and navigate content. The interface will allow them to open and run files, print documents, send emails, visit websites, browse CDs and much more.
AutoRun Pro Enterprise is the easiest way to create, edit professional autorun (autorun) interfaces and create autorun files for CD / DVD discs in a WYSIWYG environment, just click a button, select an item, place it and test it (Preview).AutoRun Pro EnterpriseII is easy to learn, with templates and wizards you can do the job in minutes! 36 objects: TabNotebook, TabSheet, GroupBox, ScrollBox, Splitter, Button, ImageButton, Image, Bevel, SimpleText, ScrollText, Link, FadeButton, Label, Text, Shape, balloon, Note, ListBox, DropDownList, ListView, TreeView, ShellListView , ShellTreeView, TextBox, RichText, browser, media player, PDFReader, FlashPlayer, slide shows, editing, UserPassword, CheckBox and RadioButton. Panels, ScrollBox, TabNotebook, TabSheet and GroupBox are container objects.
A container object can serve as a container (parent) for other objects. For example, if a page includes three RadioButton objects in a GroupBox, the GroupBox is the parent of the RadioButton and the RadioButton objects are children of the GroupBox. Page and object templates make the process easier.AutoRun Pro Enterprise + keygenAnyone can quickly create anAutoRun Pro Enterprise CD-ROM in a few minutes.
Note – when entering your text, do not forget to switch the font properties to the Cyrillic alphabet, otherwise there will be “cracking” instead of text. The archive has a choice of two options for “treatment” – file replacement or registration using data entry. Try it, leave your feedback, and if you like it, use it.

• Burn CD / DVD with built-in CD / DVD burner
• Display of each registered document (for example: TXT, DOC, HTML). By automatically launching related applications
• Printing each document registered in the operating system (for example: TXT, DOC, HTML), by automatically launching the corresponding applications
• Launch any program.
• Launching the default browser when clicking on a web link.
• Emailing.
• Built-in web browser with internal commands.
• Built-in player, sound.
• Integrated RTF (Rich Text) viewer.
• Built-in Media Player.
• photo slide show (photo album) in more than 100 styles.
• Background color, color gradient and transparent shape.
• Background sound.
• Home screen, sound savers.
• Full screen background and logo.
• License agreement. You can show the license agreement before the files are launched. The user must accept the license in order to proceed. If the user does not accept the license, the autorun program will stop working.

How to Install:

1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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