IntelliLock with Patch

IntelliLock with Patch is a professional software application that provides users with powerful and secure licensing features for protecting their assemblies by creating trial versions of their programs or turning trial versions into fully licensed ones.

Add the necessary .NET assemblies to your list
While .NET Reactor is built specifically for helping you secure your .NET code applications and libraries with native code protection,IntelliLock crack(which is created by same developers from Eziriz) is able to offer a full licensing integration into any existing system.IntelliLock with Patch
Although we you would expect to be welcomed by an overwhelmingly rich-featured interface, the layout is very clean and intuitive, which makes it an ideal tool for beginners and professionals alike.
The tool lets you add the .NET assembly files to the list (EXE, DLL, or XAP file format), pick the target location, and move assemblies up or down for changing their order. The first assembly in the list is the main one, and you are allowed to merge the existing ones or lock/protect them individually.
IntelliLock serial keyfeatures strong encryption options (RSA, 2048 bit keysize) for protecting your licensing data, and allows you to generate various types of evaluation locks (trial version, software rental, custom locks, software as a service).
You can impose various trial restrictions (e.g. expiration days and date, runtime) which are built into your assembly without applying any changes to your assembly source code to implement. This means that the licensing controls are embedded as an additional code.

Specify licenses, define hardware ID, and more
One of the best features bundled in this tool is that you don’t need to add a separate licensed version of your utility, as the trial and full versions are exactly the same (the only difference is the license file).
Advanced features enable you to run your program without license files, customize dialogs (e.g. Nag Screen, No Valid License Found), specify a license name, define a hardware ID generation algorithm, as well as enter a master key.
IntelliLock keygencomprises a built-in license generator for building valid license files, and allows you to carry out obfuscation operations for concealing the source code, so that is difficult for humans to understand it.
The obfuscation process replaces meaningful names assigned to classes, methods, properties, and variables with other substitutions.IntelliLock with PatchPlus, you can activate the string protection mode for encrypting the code patch of your assembly or use other professional encryption options bundled in the utility (e.g. encrypt IL code).
The License Management panel provides users with a handy solution for keeping track of their customers, products, and sales. You can back up the entire database to a file, restore or clear it, and manage your data on your ASP.NET server.
Last but not least,IntelliLockpacks several tools that let you view the license information from an opened license file, generate your hardware ID, deobsfucate a stack trace, as well as reactivate licenses.

A few last words
All in all, IntelliLock bundles a complete suite of powerful features for licensing controls and applications.

How to Install:

1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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