BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1007 + patch

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1007 + patch is a software tool that allows all the major sub-systems of a computer to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, reliability and stability.

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1007 + patch

Assists in PC Troubleshooting and diagnostics.
Avoid delivering dead on arrival and faulty hardware to your customers.
Dramatically reduce your test times with simultaneous testing.
Build your image as a supplier of quality systems.
Avoid costly downtime, system rebuilds and lost data.
Test the stability of a system after configuration changes or hardware upgrades (critical for overclocking and system upgrades).
The hottest, fastest CPU Burn In tool around! (Heat testing)
Integrates with the PassMark Management Console Web server application for centralized storage of test results.
The best value professional Windows hardware test tool on the market!
Anyone who has used computers for any period of time will understand the importance of having a stable system. The cost of a hardware failure can be enormous. If you are lucky your data will only become inaccessible while faulty components are replaced. If you’re unlucky you can lose your files completely or have them permanently corrupted. Even if you have good backups, you can still lose days of work returning the PC to its pre-failure state. In many cases the lost data can never be replaced and businesses can be brought to their knees, with the loss of documentation, customer details and financial records.

BurnInTest Professional 9.0 Build 1007 + patch

BurnInTest Professional crack will bring intermittent or hidden problems to the surface so that after a successfully run the computer can be used with a much higher level of confidence.BurnInTest Professional 9.0can also be used by overclockers to verify system stability at high clock speeds.
Testing for hardware problems Just press the start button and haveBurnInTest Professional patch test your system hardware.BurnInTest thoroughly exercises the hardware in Windows based servers, desktops, laptops and tablets* in a short period of time, in the same way as normal applications use a PC over a long period of time. This takes advantage of the fact that computer hardware tends to fail either very early in its life or after many thousands of hours of use. TypicallyBurnInTest Professionalshould be used before a system is put into service or after a system upgrade.
BurnInTest Professional keygen tests the CPU, hard drives, SSDs, RAM, optical drives (CD, DVD and Blu-ray), sound cards, graphics cards (GPGPU, Video RAM, 2D graphics, 3D graphics and video playback), network ports and printers.The Professional version also has a number of additional tests including microphones, webcams, battery’s, tape drives, USB ports (USB 3.0 and 2.0), Serial ports and Parallel ports (with the use of loop back plugs).If you have specialized hardware thatBurnInTest Professional serial key does not test out of the box, you can write your own test and integrate it with BurnInTest. For example, PassMark has produced plugin tests for Touchscreens and Keyboards*.This can all be done simultaneously as the application is multithreaded, making BurnInTest the fastest test around.

How to Install:

1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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