Sandboxie 5.22 Final + patch

Sandboxie 5.22 Final + patch Who does not know yet, get acquainted: Sandboxie is a unique program that allows you to run anything in a so-called “sandbox”, a limited environment, through which the launched files, folders and programs will not have any effect on the real system. All changes will, through its own special driver, be redirected to a virtual environment that emulates the real OS. After that, this sandbox can be saved for research or deleted without affecting your operating system. Read more about this wonderful program and download Sandboxie below.For all time since the appearance of the program in 2004, so much has been written about it that it makes no sense to repeat it. With it, you can quickly remove any changes to the OS, for example, related to the activity on the Internet (changes to bookmarks, home page, registry, etc.). In addition, if any files were downloaded inside the “sandbox” session, they will be deleted when it is cleaned (you can also leave them for research).Sandoxie is very fond of those who explore various new programs, want to safely “surf” the network, researchers of various “malware” (not without reason, in most AV products Sandboxie sandbox analogues are built in, using the same principle). And anyway, it can be useful to anyone because of its speed and reliability. For example, you wanted to try a new program or open an unknown office document, or a file from the Internet, – Sandboxie will help you in this, keeping the registry and file system clean. Or you want to take a walk on the porn sites: fellow :, or to unknown websites / forums / social networks \ blogs (where you can “catch” winlocker or other “malicious” in two accounts) – the program will protect your browser and OS.Sandboxie works from the system tray, to activate it, just start your browser or any other desired program through the icon in the tray, you can also safely browse and folders. The default settings, in principle, are quite optimal, the only thing that can be specified on the File Transfer Settings tab is not 48 MB, as it is set, but specify your own size, for example, 4-10 GB, then you can safely try large programs, like Photoshop and similar to him. On activation: everything works on 32-bit and 64-bit systems, without “dances with a tambourine” around signing drivers and test mode (dude Nael, or, as it seems, “Ghost of Iraq” worked its “tablet” well, for which thanks and respect). The process is described in detail in the archive with the program, both “tablets” under the password, which is the name of our site, so that some AVs are not “mind-boggling”). All tested on Windows 8.1 of both digits, everything works.

Developer: Sandboxie Holdings, LLC License: ShareWare
Language: Russian + Multi

Size: 8 MB
OS: Windows
Installation Tutorial:

How to Install:
– Start the installation program
– Stop on the page “Driver Installation”
– Copy the SbieDrv.sys* to installation folder**
– Press “Next” and complete the installation
– Run keygen
– Enter correct Sandboxie installation path*** in the field Sandboxie Path
– Enter correct values*** in the field Version and Syscode
– Press Activate button [a message will appear on the activation results]

Download Sandboxie 5.22 Final + patch

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    I get an error “make sure the drive has been patched”

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      Hey UJJWAL,
      it’s really tricky to register this software…we attached tutorial with complete guidance so you can register it without troubles.
      Here is tutorial
      Good luck


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