Abelssoft CryptBox 2017 Pro 7.0 Build 063017 Retail Free Download

Abelssoft CryptBox 2017 Pro 7.0 Build 063017 Retail Free Download [Latest] I continue to acquaint you with the products Abelssoft company, this time with Abelssoft CryptBox Pro. This program is designed to protect your information by creating an encrypted kriptokonteynera containing important programs, files and folders, access to which you want to restrict to outsiders. Also it can be used to encrypt the system drive and completely. More to read about this a good program and download Abelssoft CryptBox Pro possible.
After starting the program Wizard window appears in which you can, for example, to create a secure kriptokonteynera folder in the format * .safe, after which it will offer to remove the original, it is used to clean the place (for the inability to recover), or save it. The default data encryption is carried out on standard AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard, Rijndael – a symmetric block cipher algorithm adopted as an encryption standard by the US government), ie your kriptokonteynera will be protected. After creating kriptokonteynera you can select it password protection, a set of pictures or symbols (they are built) is not less than 6 pieces, key on a flash drive or iPod. I liked the pictures protection (selected from the proposed sequence of which at least 6i in any order, to repeat it, and you’re done), the main thing – to remember the order of pictures or symbols, it is convenient. A working preinstalled .NET 3.5, I think everyone should.
In addition, you can completely encrypt your system drive: the wizard will be prompted to reboot, the program will record a special boot loader in the boot sector, and then encrypt the disk. I have not tried it, but I think this will take the first time for a while, as in similar BitLocker’e. Also, the program can create and kriptokonteynera containing portable apps PortableApps from the well-known site, the wizard will download the application you have selected, create a container and, optionally, mount it as a virtual disk (which, incidentally, is available with a conventional container).
Another useful feature is the creation of so-called “Marching” kriptokonteynera: on a flash drive, an external portable drive or CD \ DVD. This occurs as follows: the creation of kriptokonteynera with the necessary data, record it on a flash drive and copy the executable program files to the same with the creation of the autorun.inf, ie autorun file. Then you can connect this flash \ drive on any computer where CryptBox not installed. After starting the program installs the necessary drivers on the computer, and then launch himself kriptokonteynera, mount it as a drive. I should note that the minimum required to run at least .NET 2.0, I do not think that there is a problem with this.
In this version CryptBox also good “shredder” for the destruction of files and folders with the impossibility of further recovery. It can be useful, for example when sending a flash card (to the one to whom you gave it, I could not find out what the files on it you keep). Well, in the system, it works too. Well, the last useful feature – a memory protection. Malicious software is able to monitor the computer’s memory in order to “Stribro” passwords. MemoryProtect function encrypts passwords before the system stores them in memory – even in the process, when the password is entered. Here’s a useful program, download, and use if you want to protect your data from prying eyes.
Developer: Abelssoft
License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 32.39 MB
OS: Windows

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