Windows 10 Pro Build 15055 (x86+x64 Selective)

Windows 10 Pro Build 15055 (x86+x64 Selective)is now available here. The latest build brings few new features, bug fixes, and other improvements , even though its available for download its only for built in windows updater but you can download the latest build iso

Whats New ?
If you have Symantec/Norton anti-virus software installed on your PC, you should no longer get an 0x80070228 error when attempting to download this build. Symantec released updated anti-virus definitions last that fixes this issue. Please make sure your Symantec/Norton anti-virus software has the most up-to-date anti-virus definitions BEFORE taking trying to install today build.
PCs should no longer fail to update to this build at 71% and roll-back to the previous build.
If you have additional language packs installed, this build should install just fine.
They fixed an issue where sometimes the context menu when right-clicking a misspelled word in Microsoft
Edge would launch in an unexpected place or under the Edge window.
When using “Cast media to device” in Microsoft Edge, it will now open the Connect pane (also seen when using Win + K).
They fixed an issue from recent builds where Microsoft Edge might immediately show a “Not responding” state after opening a link or pasting a URL in a new tab.
They fixed an issue where sometimes the tab mouse-over description tooltips in Microsoft Edge would stay on the screen even after closing the relevant tab.
They fixed an issue that could result in Microsoft Edge unexpectedly attempting to download certain
They pages rather than navigating to them when the uBlock Origin extension was enabled.
They fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to use touch to set focus to text boxes in Microsoft Edge Web Notes in order to enter text.
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