Minitube 2.6.0 + Activator

Minitube 2.6.0 + Activatorminitube – this program will appeal to those who often spends time on YouTube and watching videos there. Now you can chat on your desktop to watch the video at the same time to run the web browser there would be no need. Just want to note the presence of Russian support, it automatically selects after installation and startup. Another point that no one is scared, the program installs to the C: \ user \ current \ AppData \ Local \ Minitube – just heard that many people can not find it after installation, I think now would be no problems.the program is better than the browser, if you have weak computer, launch a web browser video in HD resolution, the memory will go fast, then this will not happen if the economy of resources, here’s another plus. Minitube will allow you to view a video that you’ve found through a search engine or just sketches for them to understand this is what you were looking for or not. The result list can be seen on the left, the right main window of the player. There are in the program full-screen playback mode, you can select it from the menu at the top of the screen, you can use the “hot keys.the Minitube search feature has two modes, you can simply enter a word and start the search in the hope that you find the video, and you can choose your preferred user channel and directly search for information already there. In addition, the program remembers what you’ve searched for and can display this information, if necessary, so that you will never forget that watched or searched before.just a couple of words about the search in the Minitube, system will find similar within the meaning of the video, you can copy the link to the video stream. Overall, not bad program has Russian support, the minimum setting, convenient search engine that looks like it to me, there is nothing superfluous, the interface is not overloaded with different types of information, launch and use, even a child can understand. There is a possibility to choose the quality of the preview video, you can view file properties, search for a fragment of the video, take screenshots of the screen by pressing F9, sign on the user’s channel. Here’s a program in front of you, I think will be useful, free download Minitube you can slightly lower all the luck!there are several online sites dedicated to this program, so obviously some people are confused and do not know which one official, in order to get on it, you just have to click here, this is the official website of answer why the program does not work, you need to understand to start with your Internet connection, you probably have a problem with communication, and it is necessary to restart your router or switch off the appropriate wire to wait for some time and plug it back. The second reason, if you are at work, you may have just blocked YouTube and therefore can not connect to the server. The other reasons I do not see, because the program is very easy to use and set up in a special needs no introduction.iIf you need a clue, then you so simply will not be able to find it if you decide to download the software from our site, the archive you will find everything you need for the program to work without restrictions, including a license code that will automatically entered after starting the generator and input your name.

Developer: Flavio Tordini
License: ShareWare
Language: English + Russian
Size: 20.52 MB
OS: Windows

How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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