EarthTime 5.5.33 + patch

EarthTime 5.5.33 + patch easy2Boot – an advanced program to create custom multi-boot the LiveCD, flash drives and other … I hasten to note that the program is not for the amateur, so give below brief instructions, so as not to spoil anything.
– Set InstallRMPrepUSBFull.exe (is in the archive). The second file does not unpack, it remains as it is.
– Run the newly installed software and configure it as follows:

1 – put a tick next to “Do not ask questions”
2 – Indicates the volume “MAX” and the size of any label
3 – The boot sector is the first highlight, ie WinPEv2
4 – select the file system or FAT32, or NTFS (FAT32 does not support file sizes larger than 4GB)
5 – Specify the item “Copy the system files from the following location”, here we choose our archive Easy2Boot, the question answer ‘no’
6 – Press the button “Prepare Disk” (this from a flash drive will erase all data)
7 – Click the button “Set Grub4Dos», at the request answer “No”
8 – Go to the contents of the flash in ISO and transfer you to the desired ISO image folder into the right folder (you can use several images for one OS), such as:

• Windows XP – in ISO / Windows / XP
• Windows 8 and 8.1 – in ISO / Windows / WIN8
• Windows 10 – in ISO / Windows / WIN10
• Antiviral ISO – in ISO / Antivirus
And so on, the context and the names of folders. Images can be put in the root of the ISO folder, in this case, they will continue to be displayed in the main menu when booting from a USB drive.
9 – Once all the required images are transferred to a USB flash drive, in RMPrepUSB press Ctrl + F2 or in the Drive menu – Make All Files on Drive Contiguous. When finished, the flash card is ready, and you can either boot from it, or press F11 to test it in QEMU
Now you can load or test press the F11 key
in the docs folder you will find the documentation in English on the menu, editing, design and other features.
• If any of the ISO are loaded incorrectly, change the extension to .isoask, in this case, the startup of the ISO bootable flash drive from menu you can select various options for its start-up and find a suitable one. • At any time you can add or delete old images with flash. Do not forget to use the Ctrl + F2 (Make All Files on Drive Contiguous) in RMPrepUSB.
• When you install Windows 7, Windows 8, or 8.1-10 you will be asked questions about what key to use: you can enter it yourself, use a trial key from Microsoft, or install without entering a key (then still require activation). This note writing to the fact that it is not surprising appearance of the menu, which did not exist when installing the Windows, it has little to influence.

License: FreeWare
Language: Russian + Multi
Size: 17.43 MB
OS: Windows

How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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EarthTime 5.5.33 +

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