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ArchiCAD 20 build 5011 + Update + Crack is a powerful editor for designing architectural structures. The application itself has a simple interface to view, here everything in sight. Present types of 2D and 3D views of course to view your project in volume. Drawing is done by selecting the object of interest, be it a wall or something else. Tool palette has all the right to create Project objects: walls, doors, columns, roofs, floors, etc. In addition to the 3D objects, and there are still 2D, which are increasingly being used in the drawings or in the documentation. If, however, you will miss a standard primitives, it is possible to import in advance by model.In the right part of the program is the navigator, which shows the structure of your project. The main branch of the project is to floors. So if you are designing high-rise building, you will not be difficult to create additional floors and then have to take their drawing. Here you can also choose the type of desired façade make the graph chart (explication) of premises, etc.The program allows you to work on a project either alone or with a group of people using TeamWork functions that can be useful to work together in the company on the project. In addition to this there is native support for the Russian language, making use of the program more convenient and intuitive. The program has its own features, which you can read below a spoiler.Introduction to the Morph tool. In ArchiCAD, a new tool, called «MORPH» (Morph) and intended for a free simulation.Components Morph tool. Objects created Morph tool, consists of three components: a node (vertex), the line and the surface.
* Create polygonal object morphine. The first way to build object Morph – polygon. With it you can build a closed loop – actually morpho-face.Create polygonal 3D-object morphine. Polygon object is not tied to a single plane – any node account may occupy any position in the space, thus creating a three-dimensional polygon.
* Create rectangular, arc and closed Morph elements. In general, there are four types of building Morpho-elements: “rectangle” and “rotated rectangle” for creating straight elements, “the center and radius” and “point on the curve” to create curved elements.
* Creation of 3D-box of Morph elements. The method of constructing box creates a solid object. The first two points define the bottom of the box, and the third – height.
* Create rounded Morph elements. The third method of constructing – rounding. Constructed in three steps, with the first, it is necessary to set a profile.
* Selection of sub-elements. Each Morph-element consists of sub-elements, which can be identified for further work. Selecting multiple sub-elements. With this you can select multiple sub-elements at once.
* Removal of sub-elements of morphine. At any time, a dedicated sub-element Morph can be removed by editing the structure thus morphs.
* Working with the edges and surfaces. At the same time to an already existing Morph-element you can add a new geometry – a face or surface of the solid object.
* Setting the elevation of morphine. As with any other 3D object morphs you can set the elevation – This parameter is called the base height.
* Display of Morph elements on the plan. On the floor plan Morph element is displayed as a 3D projection – as well as the complex roof or shell.
* Setting at Morph coating element. In the dialog morpho-element parameters, you can specify a base coating material, which is then applied to all faces of the object.
* Setting up the partition methods of faces from Morph elements. Any face Morph element has three modes of construction that affect the principles of the surfaces and their mapping.
* Changing faces at the morphological and texture elements. By default, the overlay method on texture morphs – boxed. But the user can ask the overlay method for each face – until spherical overlay.
* Change the origin and direction of texture at the morpho-element. For each face morpho-element, you can specify a start point spread texture and its angle of rotation.
* Moving the unit morphological and body. Any morpho-element node can be free to move in space, thus changing the overall structure of the volume and being attached to the other nodes, the edges of objects.

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How to Install: 1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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