Dr.Web LiveCD-LiveDisk 9.0.0

Dr.Web LiveCD-LiveDisk 9.0.0I wanted to post this product, because it can be really useful to many. So, before you boot disk antivirus companies by Dr.Web as you already understood everything. It will help you restore the operating system, if it has been hit by a variety of viruses and downloading has become impossible to work with Windows and the Unix, I hope to create a setup disk, you know, and from our website, you can download Dr.Web LiveCD in the full news.
Let’s look at all the points. Once you have downloaded the archive and unzipped it, you need to with the help of a special program to record the resulting image to a CD or DVD media, this may come as a Nero Burning ROM tool and a large number of others, which can be easily found on our project. Once you’re all done, you have to boot your computer with Dr.Web LiveCD, that is to go into the BIOS and change the boot priority there, and you can press F8 if I remember correctly, and choose to download the CD-drive.
Next to you will Dr.Web LiveCD boot screen appears after the dialog box in which we are asked to select the boot mode, if you want to operate via a graphical interface, then you must choose normal startup, if you need to work in text mode, you it is necessary to select the appropriate item in the menu. Note that you can also select Start Local HDD, if the download is performed from the hard disk of the computer, and our drive will not start, there is still place Testing Memory – I think it is clear that when choosing to start a utility to check the computer’s memory.
Actually I think after loading with a graphical interface, you’ll be able to understand all there present and the scanner, it is possible to change the look of the interface, you can view the quarantine zone and so on, and if possible, it will be possible to configure the network connection and use the browser in general all very comfortable in this Dr.Web LiveCD and feedback from the boot disk is not the worst in the network, someone really helps to cope with the threats. Of course I hope that no one will come in handy this way, but if such a moment will come again, I hope it helps you, enjoy all use!

Software Info:
Developer “Doctor Web”
License : FreeWare
Language : Russian
OS : Windows
Enjoy and Don’t forget to visit our website for latest cracked/ patched software.

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