Zero Assumption Recovery 10.0.484 Technician Edition + Portable

Zero Assumption Recovery 10.0.484 Technician Edition + PortableZero Assumption Recovery & nbsp; – is a powerful program that helps to recover data from hard drives, is able to handle long file names. Very often about problems in the hard drive we’ll hear from friends, we can just read somewhere on the Internet, but this situation can happen to us and probably to you it happened already. Losing data is often very unpleasant, sometimes even the whole tragedy, and that is why there are programs that can help get all your files back. In this article we are talking about Zero Assumption Recovery, think how to download it for free, you know.
Let’s take a little closer look at this development. After starting you will find a box with three modes, the first is called the Image Recovery, and it will appeal to those who deleted digital pictures and videos, no matter what kind of vehicle in question, a hard drive or memory card, USB. Run it, choose the media, further note that we are interested in scanning, waiting for the end of the process and get the result, everything is very simple and clear.
The second mode is called the Data Recovery for Windows and Linux. By selecting it you will be able to recover data from FAT, NTFS – if we are talking about Windows and ext 2/3/4 and XFS – if it is about the Linux system. Scanning often passes quickly, it all depends of course on the amount, you end up with a list of files and folders that you can work, you just have to decide for yourself that you are interested in, and more a matter of technique.
The last mode is called a RAID of Recovery, I think to tell me that he can not make sense, of course, and so I can only say that supports working with RAID 0, RAID 1 + 0 and RAID 5 arrays.
If you consider yourself advanced user, then you are Zero Assumption Recovery prepared additional settings, go to them just need to click on the Advanced Configuration button. There you can customize the operation of each of the three modes, you can configure RAID, NTFS and perform other operations, all of this can be seen screenshots and more details can be found directly at work.
To sum up a little, it would be desirable to note that Zero Assumption Recovery hundred percent useful program if you have problems with hard drives, I specifically before the tests, read some articles, and basically people praise it, really helps to recover deleted data from hard and not only drives. Plus interface, it is really very easy to use, just three buttons, then everything is intuitive, setting certainly is, not everyone can understand, in this case it is better to simply touch and leave it at that.
Forgot to add about another aspect of the program, it works in read-only mode, so it does not make absolutely no changes on the corrupted volume, which is a big plus when it comes to scanning, because further damage simply can not be. However, for this you need to have at least two hard drives to the second data has been recorded, and another where they go.
I want to answer this question this way: indeed, before you can download this program in Russian, but in this version (as of this writing response version 10), Russian support is no longer, I specifically clambered its length and breadth, and nothing found, so if you need it in the version of the Russian language, I recommend the download version 9, after starting there, just above the Advanced Configuration button, will be able to switch to the Russian language. In this version, there is no such, but really, you just have to wait. Download 9 Russian version here you can & nbsp; How to use the program I have written above in my review, if it is short it so, run the application, choose the desired type of scan depending on your needs, then wait for the completion of the process, since it must be noted that it is necessary to recover further wait for the process of recovery, I I am restarted even after the system, and now you can enjoy. & Nbsp; The answer is very simple, look closely at the headline news that you read, as you can see a portable version of it mentioned, and therefore it is already in the archive, you just have to go a little lower, where the links and download the full archive with Portable version to install it no need, I think it is clear and well.

Developer: Zero Assumption Softwares
License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 9.65 MB
OS: Windows

How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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