SpeedCommander 16.30.8400 + Key + x64 + Rus

SpeedCommander 16.30.8400 + Key + x64 + Rus Updated sufficiently powerful file manager, which could easily make an excellent competition to alternative programs if he had Russian support, alas, it is not and this is quite a big disadvantage for many users, though the network sometimes appear crack, so not all so bad download SpeedCommander you can going to the full news by clicking and where to apply.
According to the developers, their management differs from others there are quite substantial, they certainly appear in a large number of different kinds of settings and features. for example there is a professional search tool, can be flexible enough to copy and edit any file types, plus they are referring to is very easy to use interface, then I will not argue with them, it’s actually quite convenient.
There SpeedCommander unique opportunities, which as I understand it is nowhere. For example, here you will be able to work with almost all the formats of compression and will view and edit them as ordinary folders on your hard drive, so you can save much time and will not need to unpack them each time. Next SpeedCommander offers us a professional text editor and an excellent FTP client to work with remote servers. After it is worth noting the ability to view and listen to almost all modern multimedia file formats, they also include and photos, and for this purpose is not necessary to install additional software. SpeedCommander is also able to encrypt files on persistent algorithms, no one except you will not be able to gain access to folders or files, you can even encrypt the file name.
These are the opportunities available in our file manager. On the plus side it is worth noting a nice interface, a large number of features about which I wrote above, and minus is the lack of Russian support, I think many will not like it in the program of this type. Do not forget to express his opinion about SpeedCommander, I hope the program will be for many of you a useful, all pleasant to use!

License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 32.02 MB
OS: Windows  

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