Office Tab 10.50 Enterprise Edition + Key + Repack

Office Tab 10.50 Enterprise Edition + Key + Repack Updated known utility that offers all users of Microsoft Office products, updated interface, of course fundamentally nothing will change, simply by adding a system of tabs, so you can be more productive right away with any number of text documents, presentations, and accordingly spreadsheet full news can be downloaded Office Tab.
It is noteworthy that of the tabs, you’ll only get the pros, because everyone who uses modern browsers at once convenient to navigate through multiple tabs and work with different sites. When you create a new document, its name will be displayed in the tab, so if you have a lot of them, you can immediately understand where what is open and what you do in it. Switch to the Office Tab will also be very easy between multiple documents, it will be necessary simply to click on the mouse or special key combination on the keyboard.
Once you pass the quick installation Office Tab, the tool is started, you will be prompted to set up all the basic parameters for each program in the Microsoft Office package. Plus you get complete several dozen predefined templates and styles, you’ll be able to customize the colors of tabs and other additional settings, such as font type and style. The very same length of the tab can be automatically adjusted to match the title of the document, but you will also be able to tune it separately. After you save, you can simply launch the application and you can start working with the system.
Here the maximum version of Office Tab, you can close all tabs at once in addition to the active course. You can change the length of the tab, you can lock tabs, edit tabs interface in all Microsoft Office products. Here’s to you an interesting program, and I hope useful to speed up the work with your documents, most likely it will have to adapt himself only a little bit, it does not take much time, all a pleasant day.

Developer: ExtendOffice
License: ShareWare
Language: Multi + Russian
Size: 14.77 MB
OS: Windows

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