NetLimiter Enterprise Edition

NetLimiter Enterprise Edition If you have any problems with the control of network traffic, then you need to address the third-party applications, in this article I decided to acquaint the users of our site with NetLimiter program, which is free, you can download below. Note that after a quick installation and start-up, it will be no problem and no questions, monitor the activities of all running programs that require Internet access.
In this opportunity it certainly does not end there, in your hands is all in order to manage traffic actively, you will be able to monitor the data flow rate without any problems. NetLimiter allows you to adjust parameters such as the speed of upload and download any type of information, and to do so it will be possible separately for each program, you can simply specify the desired connection, and it has set the necessary parameters.
From what I have written above, we can conclude that NetLimiter monitors running applications and their network activity, and if any program will start to consume too much network resources, simply by pressing a pair of buttons, you will be able to moderate its ardor. Of course do not forget about such a thing as statistics, here it to you in full, you can view charts and numbers, learn a lot of useful information and on that basis have to draw conclusions in the future.
I can only hope that NetLimiter program is useful to you, you will be able to monitor the traffic and do not worry about the fact that some sort of program would be too vehemently to use it, now you have all to know and prevent, good luck!

License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 8.25 MB
OS: Windows

How to Install:
1- Run “netlimiter-” and install it.
2- Use serial key to install it.
3- Done!

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