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BatteryCare 0.9.27 + PortableHere is a small but quite useful program, its goal is constantly conduct monitoring of the charge and the battery of your laptop battery discharge, as can a netbook, it does not matter. If you are the owner of such, you can now enough to easily carry on optimizing the use and performance of your device, an autonomous life to be extended. If anyone is interested, I recommend BatteryCare download from our website, as always, go to the full news for this and where to poke.
The application does not require registration, money, and nothing else, after starting in front of you is a box on the first screenshot, where you will get all the necessary information will be able to adjust some parameters and set up the power consumption. BatteryCare happy to show the full information on the battery, it is possible to know the level of her wear what she has power level, one of its manufacturer, the maximum and of course the current charge at this time. This I gave half of what you can get, the rest will find out at work.
BatteryCare can also be operated with a processor and hard disk drives, or rather just shows their temperature, a little bonus, it could be useful to someone. The program can automatically switch between power plans, despite what its source. You can view information on how much time is left until the battery runs out, then you will be more likely to waste the remaining time wisely. BatteryCare sometimes shows tooltips, can be useful in different cases, the automatic update of the program is present.
Tried most accurately describe the main advantages of development, may have forgotten something, if there is opinion about this, and indeed, as always, do not forget to leave comments, but who really uses laptop, write how BatteryCare was useful for you, for the program is not you have to pay, which is good, and can be called a big plus.

License: FreeWare
Language: Multi + Russian
Size: 5.19 MB
OS: Windows

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