Bootice 1.3.4 + x64 Latest Download

Bootice 1.3.4 + x64  portable tool allows you to easily back up and restore the damaged, such as viruses, boot MBR area and the section Boot Record if it is about the local drives as well as USB flash drives, you can download Bootice below.
If you have a flash drive that has been formatted in your file system, which after can not be recognized by the Windows, this utility will help you layout or formatting such nakopiteley. Bootice 1.3.4 32bit + 64bit can work with various boot records, such SysLinux, Windows, Grub4Dos.
The program has a nice interface, so if you know English, you can say that you have to deal with all the subtleties of the settings. BootICE will allow you to easily make backup and restore boot records. Once you have chosen the type of boot record, you can create a BIN file, which can then be easily used as a backup solution.
The utility can also be used if you want to delete all data from your hard drive. Please note that this process is not reversible and after the restore does not work already, so we must use this opportunity wisely.

Developer: iPauly
License: FreeWare
Language: English
Size: 937 KB
OS: Windows

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