SystemRescueCd 4.8.0 [i586] ISO

SystemRescueCd 4.8.0 [i586] ISO
OS Type: Linux
Based on: Gentoo
Origin: France
Architecture: i586
Desktop: JWM, Xfce
Category: Data Rescue, Live Medium
Status: Active
SystemRescueCd is a Gentoo-based Linux system on a bootable CD-ROM or USB drive, designed for repairing a system and data after a crash. It also aims to provide an easy way to carry out administration tasks on a computer, such as creating and editing hard disk partitions. It contains many useful system utilities (GNU Parted, PartImage, FSTools) and some basic ones (editors, Midnight Commander, network tools). It aims to be very easy to use. The kernel of the system supports all of today’s most important file systems, including ext2, ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, Reiser4FS, btrfs, XFS, JFS, VFAT, NTFS, ISO9660, as well as network file systems, such as Samba and NFS.

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SystemRescueCd 4.8.0 [i586].ISO

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