Rigid Audio Padstation Vol.2

Rigid Audio Padstation Vol.2
PADSTATION 2 is a dual layer ROMpler with 2 x 400 outstanding and perfectly looped cinematic pad sounds. It features 400 hybrid synthesizer pads like strings, choirs, textures and sweeps. It includes also all instruments from PADSTATION 1 as well!
You can blend two different pad presets seamlessly from within one NKI instrument. (All WAV files are stored in a single KONTAKT instrument).
Each part features a convolution reverb with 60 impressive and nothing but “spacey” impulse responses, taken from Rigid Audio´s “SYNFERNO”.
• 5 GB Library with 400 multisampled pad sounds.
• Includes all Padstation 1 sounds (16 Bit/44 KHZ).
• 3 GB brand new sounds 24 Bit/44 KHZ.
• NEW: Randomization button for random sound generation.
• Variation knob for instant part variations.
• Volume, Pan, Autopan and Semi tuning per part.
• Lowpass filter with filter envelope per part.
• Modwheel targets per part: Lowpass Filter, Highpass Filter and Vibrato.
• Stepfilter, Distortion, Phaser, Flanger and Convolution Reverb (60 IR´s).
• 100% royalty free.
• Mix and match presets for almost endless combinations.

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