GhostBSD MATE 10.1 64 bit

GhostBSD MATE 10.1 64 bit
GhostBSD10.1 RELEASE 20150912 mate amd64.iso
GhostBSD is a user-friendly BSD operating system built on top of FreeBSD. FreeBSD is known to be a solid, powerful, secure and stable server operating system, providing an excellent base for a desktop operating system.
FreeBSD seems to be aimed at more experienced or technically inclined users. As such, newcomers to the BSD platform can be confused, especially for those who lack the technical expertise required.
GhostBSD aims to provide a familiar workstation with all of the features and benefits of FreeBSD, combined with a twist that is the MATE desktop environment and a focus on user-friendliness. Available in both 32- and 64-bit versions, GhostBSD is suitable for newcomers, as well as experienced BSD users.
GhostBSD shares many of the same features as FreeBSD, including:
Integrated Firewalls, Jails, Linux emulation, Network Virtualization, and bhyve.
KMS and new drm2 video drivers
The FreeBSD ports collection
The New Binary Packaging System pkgng
GhostBSD added a few extra features of its own, including:
A user-friendly installation process
Automatic detection of your computer’s hardware
Automatic configuration of your network card
Pre-installed desktop environments
Pre-installed codecs to play multimedia files
The project has the following objectives:
Be freely available for anyone to use
Freedom to customize the system and to modify the code
Respect privacy
Provide a consistent and intuitive work environment
Provide a secure and stable system
GhostBSD is licensed under the terms of the Revised BSD License.
GhostBSD contains software licensed under the GPL license.
The content available on and wiki, is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)

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