Daz3d – Reality (Win64) v4.2.0

Daz3d – Reality (Win64) v4.2.0– The Reality advantage – The best realism possible with the easiest, most enjoyable workflow. Nothing else comes close.
Reality has built-in physics-based materials. At any time you know what kind of material your editing. For example, Reality has four types of glass: Standard, Architectural, Volumetric and Frosted.

Daz3d – Reality (Win64) v4.2.0
Rendering without limits
Reality renders your scene via an external app, so that you can go back to Studio while the image renders in the background. You can continue making changes in Studio as much as you want, or even start a new scene. You can also stop the render and restart it hours later and it will resume exactly from where it was stopped. This is rendering without limits.
No “spaghetti” shaders
Ever looked at a node system and got discouraged by its complexity? We understand the feeling. There are no nodes in Reality while you still get all the power of an advanced material editor. Fourteen types of textures, unlimited mixing, no nodes.
20x faster rendering
Since 2010 Reality has been the benchmark of realism for Studio. With version 4.1 it’s also extremely fast. CPU rendering is up to 20 times faster and the new GPU-based rendering is blazingly fast.

Daz3d – Reality (Win64) v4.2.0
Change the light intensity while rendering
Ever found that you spent minutes waiting for a render just to find out that one light needed adjusting? With Reality you can make that correction on the spot, while the image is rendering. Thanks to the power of LuxRender you can change intensity and color of the lights while the image is still rendering. The same for the overall brightness of the image. No need to re-render.
3Delight and iRay conversions

Daz3d – Reality (Win64) v4.2.0
Reality automatically converts the Studio shaders, whether they are designed for 3Delight or iRay. Right out of the box you get great results with the automatic converter. The Reality Material Editor gives you the power to tweak and perfect those materials by taking advantage of the Reality Physics-Based Materials for superior realism and stunning results.
CPU+GPU+Network rendering

Daz3d – Reality (Win64) v4.2.0
Reality gives you one of the fastest CPU renderers in the market. Compared to the previous version, Reality 4.1 renders your scene up to 20 times faster, thanks to the new LuxRender ’s LuxCore technology. And if you have a modern OpenCL GPU you can render using that device as well. With OpenCL you can use GPUs from any vendor, including AMD and nVidia. And you can use all the cores of your CPU plus the any number of GPU devices at the same time.
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