Unity Asset – Daedalus – Random Dungeon Generator v1.1.15

Unity Asset – Daedalus – Random Dungeon Generator v1.1.15 [AKD][ [Latest]
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  • Added 3-4 length corridors
  • Fixed start and end computation
  • Fixed support for Unity5
    • Removed image effects folder (Daedalus Core\Editor)
    • VirtualMap gave a maxrecursiondepth error for serialization
      • Fixed by changing Virtual Room & Room Generator’s handling of connected Rooms
      • Added Get Room(index) to Virtual Map
      • Added index handling to BSP Virtual Map Generator and Digging Virtual Map Generator
      • Added Has Rooms() to virtual map generator behaviour for checks
  • Removed most Generator Values
  • Updated Random Dungeon Generator v1.1.15 all maps to use the new Virtual Map Generator Behaviour
  • Removed force In Rooms for sections map
  • Fixed distance computations
  • Added create Entrance And Exit to Physical Map (decoupled from the generator behaviour)
  • Moved entrance and exit parameters to Virtual Map Generator Behaviour
  • Fixed various bugs with tile map interpreter
    • Rock generation
    • Inside columns
    • Wall corners
    • Orientations
  • Added warning when missing a Virtual Map Generator Behaviour
  • v1.1.6
  • Refactored door creation, now better finds minimum door number
  • Fixed parameter limits for BSP
  • Fixed bugs with corridor creation
  • v1.1.5
  • Added connection checks for cells
  • Added debug lines for connections
  • Added path existing check
  • Refactored start and end computation
  • v1.1.4
  • Separated IsRemovable to IsColumnRemovable and IsWallRemovable (used both for the same thing, was wrong!)
  • Fixed column removal
  • Fixed wall instantiation checks (now faster and better coded)
  • Added ResetToWalls() Random Dungeon Generator v1.1.15 to VirtualMap
  • Refactored Digging algorithms to standardize with BSP
  • Refactored VirtualMap functions
  • CreateCorridor now takes also a width



Download Unity Asset – Daedalus – Random Dungeon Generator v1.1.15


Unity Asset – Daedalus – Random Dungeon Generator v1.1.15.zip

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