Komodo Chess 9.42 [Latest] Full Version

Komodo Chess 9.42
This is Komodo Chess 9.42.
Note: Only Windows Version is provided.
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Change Log:
1. Added “Contempt for White” command to improve analysis.
2. Added “Dynamism” which lets the user control the weighting of dynamic evaluation terms. A low setting will make Komodo play conservatively; a high setting will encourage risky play.
3. Various speedups.
4. Revised MP search.
5. Better threat evaluations.
6. New evaluation terms.
7. Reduced queen value and queen mobility, which were too high in.
8. Improved King Safety.
9. Improved passed pawn evaluation.
10. New Endgame knowledge.
11. Improved book handling.
12. Revised LMR and Extensions.
13. Revised quiescence search.
14. Hash table changes.
15. More than 70 evaluations and search changes.

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