GIF Brewery v3.0 – Mac OS X free download

GIF Brewery v3.0 – Mac OS X
GIF Brewery 3 is a video to GIF creator on Mac OS X. GIF Brewery 3 lets you convert clips from your video files to GIFs. Let GIF Brewery do all the hard work for you!
* Convert clips from your videos into GIFs.
* Can record your screen, web cam, or iOS 8+ devices and opens them ready to be converted to a GIF.
* Resize and crop the video for your GIF.
* Add multiple captions or overlay images to the GIF.
* Create GIFs with your desired FPS or manually set the frame count and frame delay.
* Apply image filters like Color Correction or famous photo filters like Transfer and Noir.
* Save settings for later edits.
* Supports Mac OS X 10.11+.
Important Notes:
* GIF Brewery 3 does not alter the original file.
* GIF Brewery 3 only opens video files.
* GIF Brewery 3 can only open and create clips from movies that Quicktime can open and play. Apple provides information at If Quicktime attempts to convert the file, you’ll need to convert it before opening it in GIF Brewery 3.
* GIF Brewery 3 does not support Quicktime components, such as Perian.
* Generally speaking, GIF Brewery 3 only supports *.mp4, *.m4v, *.qt, *.mov, *.mpg, *.3gp, and *.m2v files.
* Handbrake is a very good video transcoder for converting files to *.mp4, which are usable in GIF Brewery 3.
* GIF Brewery 3 does not support any DRM-protected files.
* GIF Brewery 3 does not create GIFs from series of images.
* GIF Brewery 3 does not open *.gif files. It creates them from other supported video file formats.
If you are having an issue with any of the codecs listed above, please contact us! Note: If you experience any crashes whatsoever please contact Hello, Resolven at We are unable to diagnose the issue without direct help from impacted users.
Praise for GIF Brewery 3:
* 9to5Mac: “GIF Brewery 3 brings a polished animated GIF-creating experience to the Mac”
Praise for previous GIF Brewery releases:
* MacWorld: 4/5, “GIF Brewery makes it a snap to convert video files into animated GIFs.”
* Mac.AppStorm: 9/10, “A great app to create your own customizable animated GIFs.”
* The Verge mention: “For OS X, we’ve been having fun with GIF Brewery … It’s simple, intuitive”
* Buzzfeed article: “… impress your friends and win the hearts of many with your GIF-making prowess!”
Convierte tus clips de vídeo en GIFs animados fácilmente con GIF Brewery
Con GIF Brewery puedes crear GIFs animados a traves de cualquier clip de vídeo que hayáis realizado previamente, de una manera sencilla y muy rápida, sin necesidad de crear capas duplicadas en Photoshop, ni utilizar Apps de terceros.
Interfaz muy lograda sencilla e intuitiva que hará que aunque esté en inglés, os sea muy fácil su uso por la misma.
GIF Brewery, podrá convertir cualquier clip de vídeo en pequeños GIFs animados.
Podrás cambiar el tamaño o recortar tus vídeos, e incluso añadir varias leyendas de texto o imágenes superpuestas para crear tu GIF.
Cada GIF que quieras exportas, te dará la posibilidad de ajustar los FPS para ajustar los fotogramas acorde a tus necesidades.
Tendrás varias opciones diferentes para crear bucles en tus GIFs como (normal playback, reverse o palindrome) y también cambiar el número de bucles a tu gusto.
Filtros para crear tus GIFs con núcleos de imágenes en sepia o corrección del color.
Guarda tus proyectos creados para retomarlos en posteriores ediciones.
Exportación rápida y ligera para una mejor productividad.
Requiere Intel Mac OS X 10.11 o posterior.

Download GIF Brewery v3.0 – Mac OS X

GIF Brewery v3.0 – Mac OS

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