Daz3D – 21968 Iray Fashion Leathers

Daz3D – 21968 Iray Fashion Leathers
IRay Shader Presets for Daz Studio
The description below was taken from the product site…
Iray Fashion Leathers is like silk for those living on the edge of life. It helps bind you, mold you, gives you free license to do all those naughty luscious things you’ve only dreamed of and more. Use these shaders to liberate your wardrobe from meek to sleek.
Set consists of 4 leather grains in 18 colors. Each of those has two different finishes for a total of 144 leathers for your Iray renders.
The smooth grain leather has a clear grain and comes in matte and gloss. Ideal for everything from boots and purses to furniture.
Rough grained leather has a bit more bite to it with a clear rough grain. In both a matte and gloss version it is suitable for a rougher or more masculine feel. Ideal for more vintage or rustic looks.
The polished leather has a lower grain and a light or high wax finish that is ideal for more upscale looks and some furniture. Perfect for some shoes and furnishings.
The high polished and patten leather looks show little to no grain and are highly reflexive. Ideal for those party shoes and party clothes.

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