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CADWorx 2016 Final Plant Design Suite is an integrated and complete software series for plant design that provides intelligent drawing/database connectivity, advanced levels of automation, and easy-to-use drafting tools. The comprehensive series of design tools includes structural steel, equipment, process and instrument diagrams, and design review, plus automatic isometrics and bills of material.

CADWorx 2016 Final is compatible with the following AutoCAD versions:
•AutoCAD 2016 (64 bit)
•AutoCAD 2015 (64 bit)
•AutoCAD 2014 (64 bit)
•AutoCAD 2013 (64 bit)

This version of CADWorx 2016 Final Plant features the following new enhancements:
•You can manage control over specific configuration settings, piping rules, and miscellaneous settings through the CADWorx 2016 Final Plant Setup dialog box. Local User Preferences control any settings that the configuration file does not contain.
•You can update the length of components that contain variable lengths with the Variable Component Length Assignment Rule.
•You can control when components in a drawing update if that drawing has incompatible components, with the Incompatible Component Actions rule. You cannot change the data or update any incompatible component in a drawing. You can only update components compatible with the the current version being used.
•You can place Location Points in the drawing with Isogen Supplemental.
•You can turn updates on or off for Variable Component Length and for Topworks in the Apply Change Data Rule.
•You can now set the SKEY for a selected OTAP with the SETOTAPSKEY command.
•Upgraded the Setup_Profile utility to provide access to all CADWorx 2016 Final modules installed on your machine, and allow you to modify the AutoCAD Vertical Product and Version to which CADWorx 2016 Final deploys.
•You can define end types and Isogen symbols by connection point in user shapes.
•Updated specification component architecture to support any end-type combination for any component added to your specification. Previously, unsupported end-type combinations for particular components such as THRDxTHRD Relief Valves, mixed end-type Unions, and Clamped end-type components cause a ProgramCode 0000 condition, preventing placement of these components. This enhancement now supports any combination needed.
•You can edit the properties of pipe support assemblies and the pipe support parts using the CEDIT command or by double-clicking a pipe support.
•You can create pipe support assemblies in your drawing and save them to the drawing, a project, or a pipe support libraries file.
•Additional options are available for defining isometric drawing output. You can select by a specific style or select I-Configure and use the styles built within.
•New dialog boxes provide additional control on Isogen drawings output: ◦View Extraction dialog box.
◦Collect Data dialog box.

•You can launch I-Configure and the Symbol Editor from the Isogen Panel
•Enhanced the formatting of spool, weld, and mark numbers going out to and returning from Isogen and .pcf file when you use the Repeatability functionality. Previously, the software removed leading zeros on Isogen out, and Isogen style prefix formatting on the way back into CADWorx 2016 Final when using the Repeatability functionality. This enhancement removes these limitations.
•You can run Bill of Material schedules on pipe supports. Use the following commands: PSCBOMSETUP, PSCBOMCUT, PSCBOMTOTAL, PSCBOMSINGLE, PSCBOMEXPORT, and PSCBOMDELETE.
•Combined the Pipe Support Report with the Pipe Support Bill of Material Export.
•You can view Quick Start Videos from the CADWorx 2016 Final Plant menu. Click Plant>Quick Start Videos.
CADWorx 2016 Final Plant now supports usage of AutoCAD Associative Dimensioning on CADWorx 2016 Final component geometry.
•You can route sloped pipe using the centerline distance or the projected distance.

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