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The Hit List v1.1.19 manages the daily chaos of your modern life. It’s easy to learn – it’s as easy as making lists. And it’s powerful enough to let you plan, then forget, then act when the time is right.
Your life is complicated enough as it is. The tool to manage your life shouldn’t be. The Hit List keeps things simple by not forcing you to learn a system. It can be as simple as just keeping a list of things to do as you would on a piece of paper. However, if you do have a task management system such as Getting Things Done by David Allen, The Hit List is flexible enough to support you.
Forget what you need to do. With confidence.
What’s New
Version 1.1.19:

Make updates happen securely and completely over https
Update Sparkle to latest version available
Fix bug that prevented typing of speial characters into the “Go To” or “File To” fields
Fix bug where inner folders were not duplicated when duplicating a folder
When duplicating, a list, folder, etc., append “copy” to the end of the duplicated item’s name
Improve updating completed state of parent task when “Complete parent task when all sub-tasks are completed” pref is turned off
Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.7.5 or later

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The Hit List

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