Cadence Library Builder v16.61.006

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*) Must have LMTools and Cadence license server already installed

1) Install Library Builder
2) Firewall orcad_librarybuilder.exe
3) Run pubkey-tools.cmd
4) Add

FEATURE orcad_library_builder cdslmd 16.61 permanent 999 SIGN2=”1600 0D4A 58BF 87B1 \
080C 1D00 FADE F841 A56C 94B9 A611 F472 EEA5 D6CE FB6E 0832 \
BC31 6DF0 16D9 A1C6 48A2 757D C723 F93C AC03 0800 FB04 D4C3 \
195E C396″

To your existing license file
5) LicGen.cmd to regenerate the license file.
Alternatively you can use the full license in the file src.lic. However, you must change HOSTNAME to your actual hostname.
You will also need to get LMTools and Cadence license server. Try downloading OrCad Lite.

5) Use the license server configuration utility and load your new license file generated in step 5 (should be license.lic)


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