Tungsten 2.07


A reliable Internet browser that enables you to open several
webpages in separate tabs, bookmark websites and view history of visits

Tungsten is a simple to use application that allows you to navigate the
Web, visit your favorite websites and open several pages is separate
tabs. With a clear-cut interface, this Internet browser offers you a
pleasant experience accessing websites, saving bookmarks or recording
webpage history.

Reliable Web browser

Tungsten is designed to offer you a pleasant experience while browsing
the Internet, in a customizable environment. The software is built on a
double rendering engine platform, thus allowing you to switch between
Blink and Trident rendering. Moreover, it allows you to drag and drop a
tab to the center of another page, in order to create a group.
Multi-level tab grouping is also supported.

You may easily switch between the two rendering engines, for different
feedback. For instance, the Blink engine (Chromium) offers high speed,
stability and support for HTML5, whereas Trident (Internet Explorer)
features convenient backward compatibility. Moreover, Tungsten supports
chromium extensions and apps, that you can easily access through the
Store shortcut.

Convenient experience browsing the Internet

Tungsten is reliable, convenient and allows you to access multiple
webpages at the same time, thanks to its capability to open them in
separate tabs. Additionally, the software can split its interface and
allow you to compare two pages in parallel. Moreover, it allows you to
create tab groups, save the configurations, then load them at a later

You can save bookmarks, or favorites, by clicking the star symbol near
the address bar, then view the list in the main menu. Tungsten is also
capable of importing bookmark data straight from other browsers, such as
Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, it can protect the
privacy of your data, since it does not send out such information, when
performing updates, for instance.

Simple to use, two-panel Internet browser

Tungsten offers a convenient viewing mode, thanks to its splittable
window, allowing you to perform this action on groups or on tabs. You
can view two tabs/groups at the same time, in horizontal or vertical
split. Its convenient features make Tungsten a reliable and

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