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The company Nero announced a new version of its eponymous flagship product- the popular set of tools for working with digital media content. Product Nero 2015, which can be downloaded for free can boast of the support of the new operating system Windows 8.1, as well as a set of new and improved tools and features.
Nero 2016 offers a set of useful and easy-to-use tools aimed at users with specific tasks and different levels of training. Beginners will like single media library, designed for centralized management of digital content (audio, video and photographs), training materials and their distribution over the Internet. And experts will appreciate the available tools for editing multimedia data and enhanced support for modern formats such as Blu-ray. The application supports the import of materials with AVCHD cameras and DSLR, smartphones and other devices, and also allows you to convert video for later playback on the XBOX 360, PS3/PS Vita, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Android tablets and smartphones etc.

Nero 2016 offers everything you need for video editing and enhancing picture quality. In the structure version of Nero Platinum 2016 also includes additional artistic effects, allowing modern styled image as an old black-and-white film (available only in version). Users can enjoy the ripping DVD and Blu-ray, and use the industry’s best tool Nero Burning ROM to “burn” data to optical media. By the way, thanks to the close integration of the product with the Windows operating system required files can be sent to record directly from the desktop (just select the objects, right-click and select Burn With Nero in the context menu). Finished videos and slide shows can also be easily published on websites such as YouTube, MySpace, Flickr and Facebook directly from the application interface.

Applications included in Nero 2016:

Nero Video. Turn your home movies into real Hollywood blockbusters: using the full package of Nero Video 2016, you will create videos with amazing animations and publish or burn them to disk in one motion. This solution provides support even for Ultra HD (4K) video and includes great themes, tools, image stabilization and video effects packages.

Nero Burning ROM. Rip audio CDs to your computer, burn and copy reliable and secure copies of CDS, DVDs and Blu-ray using the reference module burning CDs in Nero BurningROM.

Nero Recode. Very powerful and at the same time easy-to-use application to convert video on discs and files to other formats. Nero Recode supports nearly all the latest audio and video formats. In addition, this application supports predefined profiles for most popular mobile and entertainment devices, so you can achieve remarkable results, even if you do not want to thoroughly understand the technology.

Nero BackItUp. Nero BackItUp will protect your data from any failures. Schedule regular backups of files, folders, or entire PC and select one of many supported devices.

Nero RescueAgent. An additional layer of protection that will keep safe your most important files. Easily restore corrupted files on optical disks, PC, USB storage devices and other media using Ner RescueAgent.

Nero MediaHome is a full featured software for multimedia control is designed to work with photos, video and music. With it, you can play tracks in the library, import new music from CDs, and create new playlists and synchronize these lists or albums with any mobile device that is connected both wirelessly and via USB.

Nero Express. If all you need is quickly burn or copy a disc, Nero Express qualitatively perform this task.

Application for converting video Nero Recode- this is a very powerful yet easy to use application for copying DVD- video * and conversion to other file formats for streaming on your home network or browsing in perfect quality on mobile devices. Nero Recode supports a variety of high quality video formats including AVC.264, 3GP, MP4, MKV, FLAC, and popular audio formats such as formats without losing quality FLAC and APE, as well as MP3 and OGG. In addition, the application provides profiles of different devices that simplify content copying DVD- ROM drive and optimize it for playback on devices XBOX 360™, PS3™, Kindle Fire™, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, and smartphones and tablets Amazon.

Supports almost all file formats and discs.

Convert AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, MOV, 3GP, FLAC, APE, MP3 and the latest audio formats and HD video using Nero Recode 12. Now you can even rip the contents of AVCHD and personal records contained on disks Blu-ray™. With Nero 12 Platinum can easily convert Blu-ray 3D™ in two-dimensional formats HD- and SD-video.
Easy to use.

Application for converting video Nero Recode continues to be one of the most convenient programs to convert. Thanks to an intuitive drag interface, job list and batch conversion, as well as full integration with directory Nero Kwik Media launch video conversion tasks is easy. In addition, supporting the latest graphics cards nVidia® CUDA™, AMD App Acceleration and Intel® Quick Sync Video for converting job can be completed four times faster. This means you will spend less time on converting videos and more time getting pleasure from watching movies on their favorite devices.

Nero MediaHome software for managing multimedia, designed to work with photos, video and music. With it, you can play tracks in the library, import new music from CDs, and create new playlists and synchronize these lists or albums with any mobile device that is connected both wirelessly and via USB.

Share your photos, music and video, uploading them on social networking sites. Besides, you can always burn a music CD. Nero MediaHome lets you easily create videos and slide show with photos of cinematic quality, using the built-in theme movies, and then burn your projects to DVD-discs and distribute to friends and family (Nero MediaHome DVD Pack).

Improve the quality of your photos in just a few clicks, cut off unwanted parts, or automatically remove red-eye. Use automatic face detection to sort multiple photos in your library by the people. Groups of individuals facilitate search of the necessary photos for use in photo projects, such as creating photo greeting cards. When creating photo albums, calendars, or greeting cards, you can use different theme templates, graphic elements and layouts. Convert your memories into creations that can be shared with others create your own projects directly in Nero MediaHome.

Nero MediaHome can act as a media server. Access to a full library of multimedia Nero MediaHome is carried out with TVs that support DLNA, and other devices. Also in these devices can stream media playback. Recoding the slideshow takes place in real time, so they do not need to export to a video file. Go to the media library from anywhere your home!

Program for recording CDs Nero Burning ROM

Effective automatic breakdown of large files on multiple disks
Do not spend disks wasted. With Nero DiscSpan can be split large files and burn them to multiple discs. Thanks to a completely new feature Nero DiscSpan SmartFit can automatically break the data on the optimum number of possible drives. You can even use disks of different types to economically use their optical media.

Small touches, which makes all the difference
Now with Nero Burning ROM you can create discs CD, DVD and Blu-ray™, which begin play a specific executable file with an assigned icon automatically when you insert the disc into the drive on your PC. Little stroke, which is the whole difference.

Resistance to wear and protection of personal data
In the end, disks scratch and wear out. However, scratched discs can still be used. Thanks to technology Nero SecurDisc scratches and wear does not affect the recorded data. Moreover, the SecurDisc technology allows you to protect data disks password to ensure complete safety.

Copying audio tracks from CDs and convert audio
It’s still one of the easiest ways to create their own projects and record their favorite playlists. Use Nero Burning ROM to copy audio CDs to your computer, combining them and create your own discs to play at home or in the car. In addition, convert audio files various high quality audio formats including APE, FLAC, AIFF, OGG and many others. Ask various transmission rate for MP3/MP3 PRO to obtain the highest quality output with a minimum amount of space.

Easily create and burn disc images
Use ImageRecorder to easily create disk image files just drag the desired content. Burn the image formats ISO, NRG, CUE and IMG on CD, DVD and Blu-ray

The backup software Nero BackItUp

Comfortable protection against data loss
Hard drive failure, file corruption or virus attack can happen at the most inopportune times. Ensure its protection from loss of important data with Nero BackItUp. Just one click and you can set up regular, automatic, full system backup and never worry about losing important files. You can even create bootable discs and use drive backup to restore your operating system or hard disk partition. Back up your data on hard drives larger than 2 TB and USB 3.0 devices.

Backup, which saves time and place
Nero BackItUp allows you to create incremental backups, which include only the files that have changed since the last backup. This leads to a significant reduction in the time required to perform backups, and the required space on the hard disk.

Keep your most precious memories
Choose backups what content should be created. Nero BackItUp application integrates seamlessly c Nero Kwik Media, so you can easily backup just your photos, videos, and music.

Backup to the cloud
Keep a backup copy of their data in the cloud, so you can easily access them anywhere and from anywhere. For subscrion there are 5 and 25 GB of cloud storage.

Configure the NAS devices
Thanks to the automatic definition NAS lost the need to manually configure network storage NAS or connect these devices to your computer over the network. Nero BackitUp automatically searches the network for NAS devices and makes them available for file backup, disks, or regular copy

Nero LIVEBackup.
Synchronization backups during trips
Build secure, portable, synchronized backups all amounts of data while traveling. Fully control by two-way synchronization of different folders with

Nero SyncTool.
Security with support for all functionality
If you use Nero BackItUp, it’s in your hands a tool to ensure the safety of the world level. Natively standard 256-bit encryption AES-NI.

The last line of defense
Even backup will not be able to prevent accidental deletion of files or damage to optical discs. Nero RescueAgent can recover lost data in just few clicks without having to re-install their entire operating system. Thus, Nero RescueAgent is the last defense Recovers music, photos and videos from hard drives, CDs, DVDs and flash- drives in several steps.

Nero 17.0.02300 Full Repack:

Nero Burning ROM & Express
Nero Cover Designer
Nero Control Center
Nero Launcher
Nero Recode
Nero Rescue Agent
Nero Video (Vision)
Nero Wave Editor


Made entirely new installer
Control of installation parameters via ini file
Removed online services
Interface language: Russian and English
The patch is sewn from Astron
Additionally, if necessary, be installed library Visual C++ 2005 and DirectX9.0c
To work Recode and Video on your system must be installed Framework 4
Author: vahe91


Animated 2D
Effect Templates
Graphic Objects
Movie Wizard
PiP Wizard
Sample Files
Smart BD
Standard 2D
Menu Template Pack l
Menu Template Pack 2
Menu Template Pack 3
Menu Template Pack Basic
Movie Theme Pack l
Movie Theme Pack 2
Movie Theme Pack 3
Movie Theme Pack 4
Movie Theme Pack 5
Movie Theme Pack Basic
PiP Effect Pack 1
PiP Effects Basic
Platinum Effects 12
Sample lmage Pack
Sample Videos
Video Transition Pack 1

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