Medieval CUE Splitter v1.2

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Medieval CUE Splitter v1.2


Medieval CUE Splitter is a freeware tool that splits a single big audio file, mostly an album or a compilation, into the relative independent audio tracks, using the informations stored in its associated .CUE file; without decoding/re-encoding the data stream!

Divide your favorite album or compilation into stand-alone audio tracks!
(split a big audio file using its .CUE or .XMCD file).

Audio file is not decoded and re-encoded: no quality loss!
(file formats: wav, mp3, flac, ape, ogg, wma, mpc, wv, tta).

The fastest and easiest audio track separator ever seen on Windows®.



Supported audio files: uncompressed pcm WAVE, MP3, FLAC, APE, OGG, WMA, MPC, WV and TTA;

Accurate VBR MP3 processing;

Full support for DTS-WAV of DTS-Audio CD;

Supported audio tags: ID3v1, ID3v2, Lyrics, Vorbis comment e APE;

Complete support for Unicode, UTF8 and ANSI encodings in every part of the program;

Can load .CUE files written with Unicode, UTF8 and ANSI (any codepage) encoding;

You can batch process a series of CUE sheet files at once;

Hidden tracks and sub-indexes are automatically detected;

You can include the gap sound chunk (mostly silence) on splitted files;

Various file access methods to improve performance across different systems;

Generated file names are automatically constructed using a user-defined “file mask” string (Press F1 or F6 for a tutorial);

Generated file tags are automatically filled with informations extracted from “CUE” files (tags can be modified on-the-fly);

Automatically generates an M3U and M3U8 playlist file ready for Winamp (and other players);

You can automatically generate a new CUE sheet file at the end of split process;

You can send all splitted fiiles into a common directory (press F6 to configure this feature);

CUE sheet and M3U generated files can use a file mask too;

You can choose only desired tracks for extraction;

You can associate .CUE extension with CUE Splitter and double-click on any .CUE file from Windows explorer;

You can handle any number of custom “file mask” strings, as needed, directly from the user-interface;

You can choose a char case changer, for files and tags, between: title case, upper case, lower case, sentence case;

You can scan a single audio file or an entire directory recursively, to obtain file informations and detect audio errors;

You can edit artist and title using pop-up menu or double-clicking over a track (changes are not saved back on .CUE);

You can create and handle your custom list of musical genres (used for tags);

You can choose your preferred font face to use in the user-interface form;

Multi-language interface: you can translate the software to your language using the buil-in translating tool;
Simple, light and straightforward user-interface;

Tray icon enabled.




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