Powerful and simple watermarking utility that may be used to add
watermarks to any supported image file format. The resulting application
shall permit the user to open any supported image file format into a
scrollable panel, to define the text to be applied as a watermark “with a
default template supplied”, to set the font and color of the watermark,
to define the opacity of the watermark, to determine where the
watermark appears on the image, and to preview the watermark prior to
saving it to the image.

What’s new in this version:
You can now create your own text logo with many effects, then you can
save them to disk and import them for future use. You can now import any
logo image that you have and apply them as a watermark with the desire
transparency. You can now apply the watermark to a single image or all
the image you want in a single click.

You will be able to create all kind of watermark and the only limit will be your imagination!


  • Easy to use.
  • Fast.
  • Import your own logo.
  • Export your logo creation.
  • Change the file format to any supported by the application.
  • Single or batch process.
  • And more to come

How to use:
Note that is only for the text watermark, all other instruction will be on the how to tab.

  1. Open any photo you wish to put a watermark.
  2. Enter the desired watermark phrase you want to appear on the photo.
  3. Select the font and color.
  4. Select the opacity you want.
  5. Chose a directory to save to.
  6. Use or not a prefix to add to the file name.
  7. Click on the photo where you want your watermark to appear.
  8. Save your finish product

System Requirements:

  • .Net framework 4.5. The installer will install it if needed.
  • Best use with a screen resolution of 1280×1024 97% of user use 1920×1080 now

Install instructions:

  1. Download and double click the setup.
  2. Enjoy

Note this is in development but is stable. Need feedback on it to make
it better, also please if you get any errors just send them through the
preferences tab.

Download Files Here (Click to download )

 zip coming soon 

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