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Battle vs Chess-SKIDROW
Battle vs. Chess (c) TopWare Entertainment
14-05-2011........Release Date - Protection................G4WL
Strategy/Chess.......Game Type - Disk(s)..................1 DVD
The game for Warriors and Thinkers
Queen from B4 to E7. Check Whereas that would normally be the end of
the game, here the queen suddenly comes alive. Confident of victory,
she saunters over to the opposing king. A sphere of light shoots out of
her upraised hands, leaving only a pile of ash on the occupied square.
"Battle vs. Chess" is based on the fusion of professional chess
simulation and an action-driven battle game. As soon as the player
decides to make a move, the figures awaken into life and move across
the chess board. If the opponent's square is occupied, the action-laden
part of the game takes over. When the player keeps to the standard
rules of chess, a short fight sequence ensues on the battlefield and
visualizes the move.
But the real action takes place in Arena mode. Here, the rules of chess
are temporarily suspended and the only goal is to vanquish the opponent
in a thrilling duel in the tradition of entertaining beat'em-up games.
Only brains AND bloodthirst can lead to success in this chess
simulation of a truly special kind.
Extremely large target audience
First rate chess algorithm (Fritz10)
Mixture of challenging chess and action
Six different chess boards
Beat em-up sequences in Action mode
Ten grades of difficulty
Different multiplayer modes
Detailed sets of figures
Realistic animation with motion capturing
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