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This is a collection of Audio Codecs to be used to convert and encode audio. It Includes encoders for: AAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), MP3 (Lame 3.99.5), Monkey’s Audio, Musepack, AAC (Nero), Opus, MP2 (twolame), and my personal favorite OGG Vorbis (Libogg, AoTuv [vanilla], and AoTuv [Lancer Builds]).

Quick Tips:
1) Get Foobar2000. Its the best for converting audio from lossless sources to lossy formats and its a great player as well and it works with all files in this torrent.
2) Never convert from lossy (e.g MP3) to lossless (e.g. flac) or lossy to other lossy, unnecessary audio quality is lost. Lossless to lossy is fine as well as lossless to lossless.
3) Use VBR whenever possible because 320kbps CBR for something like MP3 is a complete overkill.

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