iTranslate v1.2


Version 1.2 | Activated | Multilanguage (of course)

iTranslate for Mac puts 80+ languages at your fingertips. It is designed as a status bar app that is always just one click or keystroke away to help you solve any translation problem.

With iTranslate you can translate words, phrases, and text in over 80 languages.

Ever wanted to know what an Australian English female sounds like? With iTranslate you can select between lots of different dialects, choose a male or female voice, and even control the speech rate.

Most translator apps give you only 1 result per translation. However, if you are translating words and phrases there are often different meanings, depending on the context. iTranslate gives you dictionaries for many languages so you can find the exact solution to your problem.

Romanization lets you turn “你好” into “Nǐ hǎo”, transforming non-Latin languages into Latin characters. Available for many languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Hindi, Russian, and Thai.

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