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Still planning to use your computer to watch TV, but online television isnt exactly what youre looking for? Well, DVB Dream might lend you a hand in this regard, as the application comes with support for a wide range of devices, so there is a good chance that yours might be on the list too.

DVB Dream was designed as an aid for the Digital Video Broadcasting Project. It helps owners of digital TV cards enhance their DVB viewing experience through its power, speed and unique features.

-Complex setup and well-organized layout
-The installation process of DVB Dream is smooth and quite speedy. You might find the pre-configuration process a little difficult, due to the fact that it requires some DVB knowledge. The most important aspect is to properly configure the Digital Satellite Equipment Control settings and the adjacent satellite preferences.
-Once you get past these steps, you will finally end up with a clean and professional interface that comprises all the tools you need to start using your DVB device properly.
-Record multiple channels in the same time, view stats and analyze streams
-Amongst the most important features we count the time shift capability, Multi Pip windows, LAN Streaming and multi-channel recording in MPG or TS format. You can also perform Pid Statistics and analyze streams from any channel.

What’s new:

v2.7.3 (28.08.2015)
-Many ATSC related fixes
-ATSC channel names are correctly detected now
-Korean translation added
-LAN Streaming buffer size now can be defined in bytes instead of kilobytes
-Waiting for ATSC tests from United States, Canada, Mexico, Korea, El Salvador, Honduras.
-ATSC frequencies in DVB Dream are center frequencies and converted to video carrier frequencies before sending to driver.
-If your hardware doesnt work with ATSC, please try “Use center frequencies instead of video carrier” option under main menu->options->device options)
-All ATSC frequencies are defined inside terrestrial.ini (under United States, Canada, Mexico, Korea, El Salvador, Honduras titles)



1. Unpack and install
2. Use given key to register
3. Done.
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