Turbo C v3.7.9.9


Turbo C++ is a C++ compiler and integrated development
environment and computer language originally from Borland. Most recently
it was distributed by Embarcadero Technologies, which acquired all of
Borland’s compiler tools with the purchase of its CodeGear division in
2008. The original Turbo C++ product line was put on hold after 1994 and
was revived in 2006 as an introductory-level IDE, essentially a
stripped-down version of their flagship C++Builder. Turbo C++ 2006 was
released on September 5, 2006 and was available in ‘Explorer’ and
‘Professional’ editions. The Explorer edition was free to download and
distribute while the Professional edition was a commercial product. In
October 2009 Embarcadero Technologies discontinued support of its 2006
C++ editions. As such, the Explorer edition is no longer available for
download and the Professional edition is no longer available for
purchase from Embarcadero Technologies. Turbo C++ is succeeded by

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