SARDU MultiBoot Creator 3.0 Pro []

SARDU multiboot creator build a multiboot USB drive, a DVD multiboot ISO or a CD multiboot ISO.
With the Bios Legacy and EFI multiboot support you can boot a PC or a
Mac from the pendrive USB and make maintenance, do a virus scan, recover
and save data, install Windows from USB, try or install more Linux Live

The multiboot USB supports and manage USB stick, pendrive, hard disks,
SSD or removable media with Bios Legacy and EFI multiboot support.
All one has to do is download the desired ISOs with the integrated
downloader and use SARDU to add them to the multiboot menu. After the
multiboot support builded can be test with the QEMU integrated

SARDU is simply the best solution to combine all of your bootable ISOs
into one with a simple menu multiboot! That in turn can be burnt to any
device and make it bootable (providing that your BIOS supports it).
Basically, this eliminates the need to carry around heaps of different
bootable CDs.

-SARDU can also be used to build one usb multiboot for install Windows
XP , Windows Vista, Windows Seven and latest Windows Eight, very handy
for when there is no optical drive available like tablets or netbooks.
-The tool is a Windows or Linux software for DVD Multiboot ISO and
Multiboot USB creation. The media builded can boot one PC or a Apple Mac
Os X system using EFI multiboot support.
-SARDU multiboot creator merges and turns more bootable CDs into one
media support for PC and Mac. The name is an abbr from “Shardana
Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility”.

Is all you need for troubleshooting and system repair and recovery.

SARDU does include a few utilities, but it is primarily a tool for managing any software in ISO format that you have downloaded.
Has multilanguage support. At startup it checks the system language, and
if it is supported by SARDU Multiboot Creator, that language is
automatically selected. If a supported language is not found, SARDU
defaults to English. The developer is willing to add support for further
The user can change the language at any time using the language menu.
Multiboot SARDU Multiboot Creator

SARDU’s multiboot menu is divided into five categories:


Other Software manageable:

-The user must download all the CD – DVD ISO images that he wants to
integrate in the SARDU DVD ISO using the integrated download manager.
-Downloaded ISO images have to be placed inside the “ISO” folder (customizable selecting the “ISO icon” at the top of the GUI).
-All software has their checkboxes and their customization (ISO folder,
name of software..). SARDU Multiboot Creator manages only these
-If there is a red icon the ISO of that software was not found. Pressing
an application’s icon (down arow) causes SARDU Multiboot Creator to
download the bootable ISO from the manufacturer’s website. Once
downloaded, it is made ready for use by checking the checkbox. Downloads
can be done manually.
-Multiboot with Multiple Antivirus Rescue Disk, Collections of Utilities, Linux Live, Windows installer, PE…

Whats New :

-The files are 100% free of virus or toolbars.
-SARDU Multiboot Creator now can boot a PC or a Mac (Intel based)
-SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 is cross platform, can build a media
multiboot under -Windows and Linux (Under Linux can’t manage Windows
-A “list view” for each category replaces old buttons.
-SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 support update in real time.

Instructions:  Unpack and install. That’s it.

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  1. Jacob

    Thanks. Can you also upload version 3.1.1?

    1. Mr. Was

      Hey Jacob,
      thanks for requesting, we’ll try.


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