Google Chrome – Web Browser production Google open source software, which combines support for Web applications and easy search with high speed and stability.In Chrome used operating time Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox. Of the features of Chrome developers especially isolated tabs to prevent the failure of the program and provide more protection from dangerous sites. 

Google Chrome includes many functions, controlling which webmasters can improve the convenience for end users.In Google Chrome, embedded software for Gears, enabling webmasters to take advantage of the API, for example, the function of storage offline.In addition, Google Chrome your web application does not differ from the “desktop” software, because the browser can run in a mode with a minimalist user interface – which displays only one title. 

Features Google Chrome: 
• Equipped with intelligent omnibox. 
• Authorization – suggests saving the settings and history, as well as improved access to services of Google. 
• Fast loading pages and web-based applications. 
• Built-in text translator sites. 
• cloud storage to 15 GB. 
• The containment of harmful components and identity thieves. 
• Preview search results. 
• Manage bookmarks. 
• The opening of closed tabs. 
• Connecting modules with new options. 
• Clean history, cookies, cache. 
• The privacy “Incognito” (does not display the history of visits and does not store passwords). 
• Integrated task manager. 
• Easier access to Gmail, YouTube, Google +. 

Advantages of Google Chrome: 
• Synchronization with smartphones and tablets. 
• Interface, assuming a comfortable fit. 
• Display of resources spent on each tab. 
• Stability in the work (no “obvalivany”). 

Operating system: Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 (32/64-bit) 
Interface: Multilanguage + Russian 
Medication: Not required 
Size: 109.6 Mb 

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