Bitdefender Total Security(Antivirus) 2015 + Crack [32-64 bit]



Bitdefender Total Security 2015 – comprehensive antivirus “all-in-one” with minimal impact on the system, thanks to technology Bitdefender Photon.
Fast scanning, cloud technologies and proactive protection provide protection against all types of online threats.
Total Security antivirus solution protects your files and personal data, provides secure Internet banking and shopping in online stores. This version helps to monitor the activity of children in the network through parental controls, to safely store sensitive data in the cloud and sync them with various devices. In case of loss or theft of a laptop, anti-theft feature will help to identify its location.

Features :

Bitdefender Photon
• New technology speeds up the scanning time and prevents any deceleration gradually over several hours learning and adapting to the computer.

Antivirus and antispyware
• Bitdefender Internet Security protects your computer and information from any electronic threats. Nor is slow and can take decisions related to the protection, without your participation, allowing you to use your computer without interruption.

• Play, watch movies, work on your computer without interruptions or slowdowns. Let Bitdefender Autopilot take all security-related decisions for you.

Bitdefender Safepay
• Secure web browser Bitdefender Safepay a comprehensive solution Bitdefender Internet Security protects operations in Internet banking, payment systems and online stores. It keeps confidential information on bank cards.

Wallet Password Manager
• Store your sensitive data, and automatically enters them for safe entry to your favorite web sites, as well as internet banking, applications, and email.

USB Immunizer
• immunizes any USB-drive from viruses when connected to your computer, so you never have to worry about infection autorun-viruses.

Web security management
• Allows you to remotely scan and fix security issues on all of your devices, protected Bitdefender. Simply use a web portal MyBitdefender anytime, from any Internet-connected device.

Safe search
• advance warning of malware, phishing and suspicious websites right in your Google search results and Bing.

Protection against phishing
• Antiphishing component in Bitdefender Internet Security analyzes and blocks websites that use various fraud or attempts to steal bank card data via phishing.

Privacy on Social Networks
• Bitdefender Internet Security checks and filters the URL-links that you get from your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and control privacy settings.

Filter personal data
• Prevents leakage of sensitive data such as social security numbers and bank account numbers, from your computer.

Scan Manager
• The trigger system scan Bitdefender Internet Security checks for systems where the use of computer resources fall below a certain level, avoiding the impact on system performance.

• Blocks getting unwanted email (spam) in your Inbox.

Parental control
• Blocks inappropriate content, restricts access to the Internet at a certain time and helps you remotely monitor the online activity of their children – even on Facebook.

The two-way firewall
• Firewall Bitdefender Internet Security monitors all Internet connections on your computer and secures Wi-Fi connections.

File Shredder
• Allows you to permanently delete the data, ensuring that no traces of deleted sensitive files will remain on your computer.

Bitdefender Safebox
• Online backup. Bitdefender Safebox stores and protects your important or sensitive files in a secure location online, so that you can manage data and access them via mobile devices iPhones, iPad, Android or PC. The first 2 GB for free.

Anti-Theft Laptop
• Component Bitdefender Anti-Theft blocks, erase the data and finds your laptop from any Internet-connected device at your fingertips.

File encryption
• Provides security for sensitive files in an encrypted vault.

System Optimization
• Component Tune-Up in Bitdefender Total Security improves the performance of your computer by cleaning up your system files and registry.

Rescue Mode Rescue Mode
• If electronic threats such as rootkits, can not be removed in the operating system Windows, your computer can upload mode Rescue mode – a trusted environment, which is used for cleaning complex threats and restore the working condition of the system.

What’s new :

Bitdefender Profiles Profiles
Want to Bitdefender Antivirus adapted computer performance according to your primary activity on it? Every time you play, watch movies or work, a new feature Bitdefender Profiles (Profiles) will optimize the system – to suspend unnecessary programs, eliminate pop-up windows or adjust the power scheme. Once you’re done, everything will return to normal.
Bitdefender Profiles include basic shapes: Standart (normal), Work (work), Game (for gaming), Movie (for movies).

Improved maximum performance of your computer
Function Bitdefender Tune-Up has been completely redone. Now it offers a complete set of tools that accelerates downloads and makes the system faster and free hard disk space by deleting any unnecessary files.

New Optimize your PC in one click
A new feature Bitdefender One-click Optimizer in a single click releases the free space and optimize your browser and fixes the registry.

Improve the security of Internet banking
Bitdefender SafePay – secure Web browser that protects online transactions from fraud, is now fully integrated with Wallet. You can automatically fill out credit card information in the form of payment.

Improved online payment in a single click
Bitdefender Wallet is now helping to complete the online payment much faster. In addition to storing all of the data together (user IDs, passwords and other confidential information), the purse is now automatically fills in all of the billing when making the payment.

Improved fix vulnerabilities in one click
Vulnerability Scanner to in Bitdefender Total Security 2015 now sees the potential threats to your applications much faster and provides quick links to update any affected programs.

Improved Parental Control Online
Bitdefender Parental Control discreetly tells you what your children are doing on the Internet, and can restrict their activity. Parental control is now faster, easier and more quickly noted even the slightest risk of privacy, because the component is completely moved to the cloud.

Notes :

BitDefender Uninstall Tool:
In the process of removing Bitdefender using standard Windows (Control Panel ->Add / Remove Programs) errors can occur as a result of which the program will not be removed or is removed partially. 
BitDefender Uninstall Tool is designed to remove all products from your computer by Bitdefender. 
For removal by BitDefender Uninstall Tool, follow these steps: 
1. Start your computer in Safe Mode. 
2. Run BitDefender Uninstall Tool.exe and click Uninstall. 3. Wait for the confirmation window and click Yes to perezagruzitm computer in normal mode and complete the removal process.

XFENDER Tools works with products such as: 
• Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 or 2015 
• Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 or 2015 
• Bitdefender Total Security 2014 or 2015 
• Bitdefender Windows 8 Security
To get the result should be:

1) Turn off all the protection BitDefender
2) Run XFENDER Tools by OnHax.exe
3) Press Auto auto reset
4) Next, it will ask you to reboot in safe mode
5) Click Yes and your computer will restart in Safe Mode
6) While in safe mode, restart XFENDER Tools by OnHax.exe and press the same button (Auto auto reset)
7) At this time it will be carried out until the end, to give a message about this.
8) Now close the window XFENDER Tools by OnHax.
9) Reboot in normal mode Windows.
10) Open BitDefender and you will have 90 days the license expires.
11) to the exclusion of BitDefender and add an exception for a folder “(C: Program Files Bitdefender ‘) [both: ]
12) Now turn Bitdefender again and update it (if you want)
13) What is your Bitdefender will never expire!
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