AIDA64 – is a powerful tool for identification and testing of virtually all components of personal computers running operating systems Windows. Gives you detailed information about all the hardware and software, in addition, with the help of embedded modules for testing and calibration can be further tested the individual subsystems PC. Displays detailed information about all the hardware and software installed in the system.

Changes in version:
Support for Corsair K65, Corsair K70, Corsair K95, Logitech G910 and Razer Chroma RGB LED keyboards
Support for LGA-1151 motherboards
Autodetect information and SMART monitoring for Intel NVMe SSDs
Preliminary support for AMD Bristol Ridge APUs
Preliminary support for Intel Broadwell-E / EN / EP / EX processors
Sensor support for NZXT Kraken water cooling systems
Support for USB 3.1 peripherals
Extended ACPI table decoding
OpenGL ES 3.2 support
Advanced support for Adaptec and Marvell RAID controllers
Support for Kingston HyperX Predator, Plextor M6V, SanDisk Z400s and SK Hynix SC300 SSDs
GPU details for AMD Radeon R9 Nano and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950


Version Features:
1. Combined in one distribution program installation or unpacking portable version
2. Choosing to install Business, Engineer, Extreme, Network Audit version
3. Does not require registration
4. Removed English Help
5. Remove all languages ​​except Russian (English is built)
6. Picks up your settings from the * .reg and * .ini files, if any, in the folder with the installer

For “silent” installation with the specified parameters to create an installation script
running AIDA64 5.30.3500.exe /SAVEINF=”aida.ini “
Then install the program AIDA64 5.30.3500.exe / SILENT /LOADINF=”aida.ini “

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