Shadow Defender + Crack []

Shadow Defender – a program similar to the program ShadowUser, which
allows the system to put the shadows – Shadow mode, where you can not
delete any important information or virus attack. This utility also
provides protection for your computer and privacy, prevent unwanted and
malicious changes to your computer allows you to boot in a virtual
shadow mode with selective preservation of data. It has an intuitive

The conclusion in this sense is that the computer will not be affected
by any change and no malicious files will be written to the PC. The
greatest thing is that you can choose what can actually get stuck on the
disk while in Shadow Mode. More than this, you can decide in advance
what files and folders should not benefit from Shadow Mode protection.

Features:  Prevent any unknown and future virus. Eliminate the system downtime and PC maintenance cost.Surf the internet safely.

Instructions:  Unpack and install. Copy contents of crack folder to installation directory. Done.

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