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WinPatrol – Sniffs out Worms, Trojan horses, Cookies, Adware and Spyware
and removes it from your system, lets you manage startup items and
remove cookies

Nowadays computer users need what seems to be an entire team of security
applications to be sure their personal information, Internet activities
and the contents of their hard drives are safe. In some cases, there is
a certain missing piece of the security puzzle, calledWinPatrol .

This tiny utility helps you fight against malicious files, hijacking
attempts and hidden system configuration attempts by keeping an eye on
your data all the time.

Seamless installation and tabbed GUI:  The setup process does not take a lot and does not pack any other
unpleasant surprises, such as offers to change web browser settings and
downloading other products that you do not really need.
At first glance, the interface presents a pretty cluttered layout, yet
once you get used to it, you realize all the functions are neatly
organized in their own tabs, each with a particular set of
configurations available. Consequently, both power and novice users can
learn how to handle it with ease.

Manage startup items and delay them for a better system performance:  First of all, WinPatrol helps you deal with startup programs in a very
innovative way. Not only that you are able to view the processes that
run every time you start the computer, but you can also set up delayed
starts to be sure it will not take too much to boot the operating
More so, you can easily manage the running tasks through the dedicated
tab and find out information pertaining to them, such as the file size,
module, company and its description.

View scheduled tasks and manage web browser leftovers:  Of course, since it is so important in the fight against malicious
files, WinPatrol allows you to manage Internet Explorer or Firefox
cookies with a single click, while it also provides access to hidden
items, as some spyware attempt to hide their files as soon as they reach
the computer.
Last but not least, it is possible to view all the tasks that are
currently scheduled by Windows Task Scheduler and lets you view
information about each item, as well as remove it from the list.

A last assessment:  All these considered, it is quite obvious that WinPatrol is one of the
top applications that should be on the must-have list of every user out
there trying to fight the good fight. It presents a fair amount of
options, a well-organized interface and a good response time. It does
not hamper the computer’s performance and it does not pop up errors,
hang or crash.

If you are interested in bypassing the setup process, you should know
that a portable edition is also available for download, called

Instructions: . Unpack and install. Use given registration details to register. Done.

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