Postbox 4.0.3 Multilingual + Crack []

Postbox is a powerful application that aims to provide you with all the
tools for keeping in touch with your friends and business partners. It
can handle multiple email accounts and allows you to subscribe to RSS
feeds in order to read the latest news. Take control of your day with
Postboxs clean and super customizable interface. Make your email work
for you, just the way you need it to.

Main Features:

Account Groups:  Juggle multiple accounts like a pro. Separate or blend work and
personal, job A and job B, your account and your boss account or mix and
match to suit your needs.

Favorites Bar:  Keep your go-to folders and accounts accessible at all times with a single click from the favorites bar.

Tabs:  Reduce clutter with tabs, just like a web browser. Keep multiple
messages, folders, contacts or topics open to easily switch between

Power Through Your Day:  Get it done, fast. Whatever your day throws at you, cut through it with
ease using Postboxs best-in-class tools and integrations.

Dropbox, One Drive and Box Integration:  Big files, small files, lots of files whatever you have, send it quickly
and seamlessly by adding Postboxs cloud file-sharing capabilities.

File and Image Search:  Attachments at your fingertips. Postbox lets you find and use files and
images hiding in your mail even while you are composing a new message.

Pre-Made Responses:  Sending the same thing over and over? Streamline your work with pre-made responses that you can reuse as often as needed.

Real-Time Tracking:  Time flies when you are composing emails. Keep yourself on task with time and word-count trackers.

Focus Pane:  Tackle whats important right now using the real-time filters of Postboxs
innovative focus pane. Just want to see all unread messages from your
team from today? Done.

Attributes:  Instantly view unread messages, or those with attachments. Scan your
reminders, subscriptions, or social updates with a single click.

Topics:  Break your work into small, manageable chunks with custom topics for
projects, events, or however organize your work. Create and delete
topics, and reorder them to reflect your goals.

Favorite Contacts:  Target messages by contact. View messages from your boss, your other
boss, all of your bosses, or the entire team with just a few clicks.

Quick Search:  Find what you need in a flash with Postboxs ultra-fast search. Jump to a
recent search, or refine your search right in the search bar.

Advanced Search:  Looking for emails sent by your biggest client in the past month about
an important project? Target your search by sender, subject, date range
and other attributes.

Content Search:  Your days of digging for lost attachments are over. Postbox lets you
easily find and use documents and images hiding anywhere in your email.

What’s new in Postbox 4.0.3:  URL autocomplete in the Quick Bar. URLs are now auto-linked when entered using the Quick Bar. Initiate Quick Bar when typing www. or http: or https:. Enhanced the way Topics are assigned in the Quick Bar. Postbox will now remember the full-screen preference when quitting the app. Updated the Config Data screen to include additional information. Adjustments to Summarize Mode to improve compatibility across email clients. Fixed an issue where Reply-All would not add all addresses in Summarize Mode. Fixed an issue where message selection could be lost after Quick Move or assigning Topics. Fixed an issue where languages in the spelling pull-down would repeat values. Fixed an issue where removing one label would remove them all. Fixed an issue where addressing fields would not display if domain fencing fields were enabled and null. Fixed an issue that would prevent the French Dictionary from loading. Fixed an issue when opening an account in a new window would also open extra tabs.

Instructions:  Unpack and install. Copy both exe. and dll. file to installation directory. Run program ignore any message full version. Done.

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