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DU Meter is an Internet usage monitor for your computer. It shows
real-time graphs and can create reports and alerts based on your
downloads and uploads. DU Meter includes extensive logging facility,
flexible events system, and more. DU Meter works with virtually all
types of network connections: phone modems, DSL, cable modem, LAN,
satellite, and more.

Get a grip on your network traffic
Have you ever found yourself wondering why some downloads seem to take
an eternity to complete, or why your e-mail program seems to be stuck in
the middle of e-mail retrieval. Is it really hanging, or maybe its just
downloading a large e-mail attachment? DU Meter provides the answer to
these and other mysteries, and can also alert you of dangerous or
unexpected network activity. Watching your data transfer rates can be
very enlightening no matter what you do online, and you will soon be
wondering how you managed without DU Meter before.

DU Meter for parents and business managers
If you have teenage children or if you own or manage a small business,
you already know how hard it is to enforce certain rules for network
usage, while respecting childs or employees privacy. If you install DU
Meter on your childs or employees computer, you can configure it to
report back to you via email when monthly or weekly network traffic
exceeds a certain threshold. DU Meter will let you know if someone is
breaking your rules (For example using peer-to-peer software to share
films and music). Since DU Meter 5, the software can even prevent any
further Internet connectivity once the alert condition has been met,
without any user intervention.

Is your unlimited Internet really unlimited?
Many Internet users believe their unlimited account lets them surf the
Internet, send large email attachments and download as many movies and
songs as they choose. However it is well documented by the media that
many Internet Service Providers, both in the U.S. and elsewhere, do in
fact set definite usage limits, even though they may advertise to the
contrary. Some will take drastic measures like termination of an account
without any advance warning, if these limits are exceeded. DU Meter can
create detailed reports of the total network traffic volume on your
computer and can alert you if certain limits are surpassed. If you have
teenage children or if you own or manage a business, DU Meter can be
especially useful for you to you too.


Most important new features in DU Meter 7.0:

-Simultaneous monitoring of Internet and LAN traffic has been added. You
can now seamlessly switch from seeing only Internet network traffic to
LAN and vice versa with just one mouse click.
-DU Meter now sports per-application traffic monitoring! Ever wondered
which application is using up all your network bandwidth? Guess no more:
switch to the new per-application traffic monitoring tab in DU Meter
and instantly see whats going on.
-Network Connections now shows accumulated per-connection and
per-application traffic totals, while discriminating between Internet
and LAN network traffic (DU Meter exclusive!).
-Wi-Fi signal monitoring is now available! From now on, a sudden change
in network throughput can easily be correlated with Wi-Fi signal quality
changes. See if – improving your Wi-Fi reception can in fact improve
your Internet experience.
-Much improved DU Meter main window: tabs to easily switch between new
traffic monitoring modes, new color scheme for better blend with Windows
8 and Windows 10, new Metro look, snap-to-screen-edges borders, and
Accessibility improvements for visually impaired users: DU Meter now
fully respects and supports Windows high-contrast mode, and fonts and
font sizes can be changed in Options.
-Full Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 support. We have extensively
tested DU Meter with the current pre-release version of Windows 10,
resolved numerous issues and made sure it works perfectly. If any
updates are required when Windows 10 is finally released, these updates
will be free for registered DU Meter 7 users.
-Security (SSL) and Database (SQLite) components in DU Meter have been updated to improve compatibility and security.
-Many, many issues were fixed in DU Meter, both serious and purely
cosmetic. DU Meter has been rigorously tested in diverse networking
environments to make sure it is fully compatible with all networking
equipment imaginable: from dial-up modems to 10 Gigabit network cards.
-Thanks to our users, many issues were fixed in DU Meter translations.
All translations have been updated, and two new languages are introduced
in this release: Chinese and Hungarian.

Instructions:  Unpack and install. Stop “DU Meter Service” in the task Manager. Copy all contents of crack folder to installation directory. Enter and details to register. Done.

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